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After Delivery

I have heard that after the birth of my baby, the baby will remain in my room, with me, rather than go to the nursery. Is this true?
Touro offers “rooming-in/mother-baby care” before and during the newborn’s initial bath and examination by the nurse and pediatrician. Of course, circumcisions and other necessary procedures are done in the nursery, not in the mother’s room.

Is it true that all babies born at Touro have (a) medication placed in their eyes shortly after birth and also (b) receive an injection?
a. Yes, for the prevention of purulent conjunctivitis of the newborn an antibiotic ointment is placed in the eyes of every newborn within the first hour of birth.
b. Yes, for the prevention of hemorrhagic diseases and coagulation disorders of the newborn and infants, related to vitamin K deficiency.

What tests are performed on newborns before they leave the hospital?
Louisiana State Metabolic Panel (done by heel stick). There are several conditions that are screened for before the baby leaves the hospital or shortly after. Some of these conditions include but, are not limited to:
  • PKU
  • Congenital Hypothyroidism
  • Cystic fibrosis
A hearing screening is also performed before the baby leaves the hospital.

Does my baby receive any immunizations while in the hospital?
Hepatitis B Vaccine may be administered after signed informed consent by the parents. However, this is optional.

Am I required to have antibiotic eye medication, Vitamin K injection, as well as the Louisiana State Metabolic Panel and Hepatitis B Immunization given to my baby at birth?
If you have concerns about any of these medications, screenings, or immunizations, please discuss with your obstetrician and pediatrician prior to your labor and delivery.

Does Touro validate parking during my obstetric hospital stay?
Yes. On the day of admission and on the day of discharge, parking tickets will be validated for the patient’s husband, significant other, or partner, only. Visitors must pay to park in either Delachaise Parking Garage or Prytania Parking Garage.

What is Touro’s car seat procedure?
You will need a car seat to safely transport your infant home from the hospital. You are not required to bring the car seat into the hospital. We will however ask if you have one.

It is recommended that you have the car seat properly installed in your car by the time you come to the hospital for delivery. Mothers are discharged in a wheelchair with their infant in their arms. If we do need to see how your infant responds to being in the car seat before discharge, you will be informed.

Do these questions and answers apply to patients coming in for “scheduled Cesarean sections”?
Yes. In addition, your OB physician/midwife will give you specific, individualized instructions. Generally, you must report to Labor & Delivery at least two hours before your scheduled Cesarean Section time.
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