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Before Delivery

When I arrive at the hospital, in labor, for a pregnancy- related concern, for a “Scheduled Cesarean Section”, or for an induction of labor or cervical ripening procedure, which entrance should I use?
You may use the Prytania Street Entrance. Or, you may park n the Delachaise Parking Garage and take the bridge from the 3rd floor of the garage to the 3rd floor of the hospital. Then look for the elevator on the right side of the hallway. Take one of the two elevators to the 2nd floor of the hospital and follow the signs to “M-2”. Do not go to the Emergency Department unless you are having non-pregnancy-related emergency.

What do I do when I arrive in the M-2 Labor and Delivery/ Family Birthing Center Area?
Between the hours of 7:00AM and 7:00PM, there is a receptionist at the Welcome Desk who will let you in to the Labor and Delivery Unit. After 7:00PM and before 7:00AM, just walk up to the door and press the button, on the wall, to the right of the door. The door will be opened by the Labor and Delivery personnel so you may gain entrance. Then, proceed to the Nurses’ Station (straight ahead). You will be assigned to a Labor-Delivery-Recovery Room (LDR) or to an Observation Room for evaluation. If you are having a scheduled Cesarean Section, you will be assigned to the C-section Preparation Room.

Is there paperwork to complete on admission?
Routine admission paperwork consists of:
  • Patient Registration / Consent of Treatment
  • Consent for vaginal / Cesarean Delivery
  • Consent for Anesthesia
  • Consent for Circumstances (if applicable)
  • Consent to Photograph (newborn photo)
  • Birth Certificate

If you have completed your “Patient Registration Form” and “Birth Certificate Worksheet” prior to your hospital admission, you will not be asked to do this again. These forms can be found here (https://www.touro.com/prereg/default.aspx?CWFriendlyURLApp=true&sid=3&sslRedirect=true) , otherwise, you will need to complete this paperwork on admission. Your obstetrician or certified nurse midwife will have you sign consent for treatment and for your vaginal/ cesarean delivery at your appointment closest to your 36th week of pregnancy. Otherwise you will need to complete this paperwork on admission. In addition, you will be asked to sign “Consent to Anesthesia.”

You may have already signed the “Consent for Circumcision” for your male child when you signed your other consents at 36 weeks. If not, this consent will also need to be signed shortly before the circumcision procedure is done. In addition, photographs may be taken of your newborn. If you desire a photograph, “Consent to Photograph” will need to be signed before newborn pictures are taken.

Is there ever a time when all the LDRs are full and unavailable?
Yes. This happens only occasionally. If all LDRs are full when you arrive in labor, there are other rooms (on the Labor Unit) when you can labor in private with your support person, until you can be moved into an LDR. We cannot reserve rooms ahead of time.

Is it true I must have the name of a pediatrician, to care for my newborn after birth, while at Touro and must the pediatrician be a member of the Touro Staff?
Yes, to both questions. There are many ways to find a pediatrician. You can ask family and friends for a recommendation, your obstetrician/midwife can suggest a pediatrician, or you can refer to the pediatrician list given to you in your Family Birthing Center Packet early in your pregnancy. Most pediatricians welcome “get acquainted” visits before you deliver. These visits must be scheduled with your pediatrician’s office personnel ahead of time.

What should I bring to the hospital?
  • Birth Plan, if applicable
  • Camera
  • Snack for support person
  • List with names and telephone numbers of family/ friends to notify
  • Personal items such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb, brush, make-up, “special”soap or other skin-care products
  • Lip balm such as “Chapstick”
  • Socks, slippers, bathrobe
  • Nursing bras/gowns, if applicable
  • Nightgowns or pajamas
  • Panties
  • Clothing to wear home from the hospital
  • Clothing to take your baby home from the hospital (include blanket)
  • Baby book for footprints
  • Age appropriate, properly installed infant car seat for day of discharge

Is it necessary to have a written birth plan? How long should my birth plan be?
No, but a written birth plan helps you prepare emotionally for your birth. Your birth plan should be no more than 1 or 2 pages listing options most important to you. You must be willing to negotiate. Birth plans must be approved by your obstetrician/midwife and sometimes your pediatrician. You can download a sample birth plan here.

Does Touro provide services for obstetric patients with high risk pregnancy?
Yes. Touro is a Level-Three Obstetric Hospital. This means normal-risk and high-risk patients can receive care for themselves and their newborns during their pregnancy, labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum. In addition, our high-risk (Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery-NICU) nursery is a State-of-the-art facility within Obstetrics Unit.

Does the Family Birthing Center offer water birth?
Yes. But, not all obstetricians allow this. And for many reasons, not all pregnant women qualify. If you are considering the option of hydrotherapy in labor and birth, you must first, discuss this option with your health care provider and obtain approval; second, contact the Family Birthing Center (504-897-8260) to make an appointment (approximately 1 ½ hours) to discuss Touro Guidelines for Hydrotherapy in Labor and Birth; finally, you must make arrangements to rent a birth pool (this will be discussed with you upon your first telephone contact with the Family Birthing Center). At this time, there is one built-in tub/pool in the Family Birthing Center for hydrotherapy.
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