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Below are a few important phone numbers and websites you’ll need before, during and after the arrival of your little bundle of joy!

Visiting Hours: 24 hours except for 6:45 - 7:45 a.m. & p.m. Photo I.D. required for all visitors.

General Family Birthing Center Information
504-897-7319 | www.touro.com/FBC | babies@touro.com

Schedule a Tour
504-897-7319 | www.touro.com/FBC-tour

Find a Doctor
504-897-8500 | www.touro.com/findadoc

Find a Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital
504-899-9511 | www.chnola.org/Find-A-Doctor

Register for Childbirth Classes
504-897-7319 | www.touro.com/events

Lactation Center
504-897-8130 | www.touro.com/FBC-lactation   

Midwife Services
504-897-7197 | www.crescentcityphysicians.com

Birth Certificate Office
504-593-5100 | www.touro.com/birth_certificates

Online Patient Registration

Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic
504-897-7615 | www.touro.com/FBC-tests-immunizations#clinic

Main Hospital
504-897-7011 | www.touro.com

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