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During Delivery

What happens in the Labor and Delivery Room (LDR)?
If you are in labor or if you arrive for an induction of labor or cervical ripening procedure, you will be “admitted” to one of our 13 LDRs where you will remain during your entire labor, delivery, and approximately one to hours of your initial recovery period. You will then be transferred to a private recovery room on the Postpartum Unit. Here you will continue recovery during the remainder of your hospital stay.

Are there limits on who can be with me, in my LDR, during my labor and delivery?
We encourage you to choose people that will support you and your birth choices during labor and delivery. We ask that no more than two people are present in the LDR, at the same time, during your labor and birth. Your husband or partner is considered one of these two people. Other visitors may wait in the Family Waiting Room and take turns visiting in the LDR. Visitors may not wait in the hallways. The Family Birthing Center offers comfortable seating while visitors are awaiting the birth. Visitors should not sit on the bed or use patient bathrooms.

Children under the age of 14  must be accompanied by a responsible adult whose sole purpose is to care for the child while visiting in the hospital. Pets are not allowed!
Shortly after delivery, all your visitors may enter the LDR to congratulate you and see your new baby.

What are the visiting hours in the Family Birthing Center?
Visitors are welcome from 8:30AM to 8:30PM.The Labor and Delivery department welcomes visitors 24 hours a day.

One adult may remain with the patient overnight. Children are not allowed overnight visits under any circumstances. For the safety of our newborns, their parents, families, and friends, all visitors must sign-in at the “Welcome Desk” and receive a “Visitors Pass” which must be worn during the entire visit. Upon leaving the hospital, the visitor must sign out.

What is the average length of hospital stay after delivery?
The average length of stay after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery is 48 hours, which begins at the time of the birth of your baby. After a cesarean delivery, the average length of stay is 72 to 96 hours which also begins at the time of the birth. For medical reasons, the length of stay may be extended. Early discharge (within 24 hours of giving birth) for both mother and/or baby is discouraged.

Are cell phones, Blackberrys, iPhones, laptops, etc. allowed?

Are there free wireless Internet connections in patient and waiting room areas?

What are my options for pain control during labor?
There are non-medical and medical options for pain control. Some options include: patterned breathing, touch, and relaxation techniques, massage, visualization and guided imagery, warm water, such as sitting in the shower or use of hydrotherapy, support person present during labor, position change, walking, use of body supports, such as pillows behind back of under knees, use of a birthing ball, distraction, such as soft music, TV, reading, concentration on a focal point during contractions, etc. In addition, there is the option for pain medication and anesthesia (epidural).
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