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Breast Surgical Oncology

Our breast surgical oncologist specializes in treating breast cancer with the most advanced surgical options available. He works closely with plastic and reconstructive surgeons to give patients the best cosmetic results and options. Our breast surgical oncologist is also experienced with oncoplastic surgery, an approach to breast cancer surgery that combines plastic surgery techniques with lumpectomy and spares many women from mastectomy.

Alfred John Colfry, III, MD

Radioactive Seed Localized Breast Surgery

Dr. Colfry is the only physician in the area to perform radioactive seed localized breast surgery. This ground breaking treatment, allows physicians to more accurately target lesions which decreases time of operation and removes less tissue than most lumpectomies. Touro is proud to be the first hospital in New Orleans and the Gulf South to offer radioactive seed localized breast surgery. Breast imaging technology has evolved to allow many breast abnormalities and cancers to be detected before they can be felt with a physical exam. While this refinement allows doctors to identify problems earlier than ever, it also creates a challenge to precisely locate the affected tissue. The program allows a radiologist and surgeon to accurately target lesions in the breast. John Colfry, MD, breast surgical oncologist, and Daniel Rupley, MD, radiologist, completed training at MD Anderson Cancer Center and are excited to bring RSL to patients in Louisiana. For more information on this groundbreaking technology, click here.


Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery is an advanced approach in which breast surgeons remove cancerous tissue through a single incision made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. By utilizing this approach, surgeons can preserve a natural-looking breast by sparing the nipple, areola and surrounding tissue. The Hidden Scar approach may also ease the emotional impact of breast cancer surgery, in that patients have little to no visible reminder of the surgery, and experience a more natural looking breast reconstruction. Patients who undergo this approach are also at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other type of technique. Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery may be appropriate for a wide range of breast cancer patients undergoing nipple sparing mastectomy or breast conserving (lumpectomy) procedures. For more information, click here.




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