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“I suffered a stroke on December 23, 2016. From the stroke, a tumor was discovered in my brain. Over the next few months, I underwent multiple surgeries to remove the tumor. I was referred to the Cancer Rehab program. After joining, everything went uphill and got better. My walking has improved and my speech. My writing has improved as well but it still needs some work.”

“I set goals for myself. I told my wife and children that I wasn’t going to let this beat me. I was going to beat it. The therapists provide me with homework, and I exercise at my house. The therapists are the bomb and very supportive. I will recommend this program to anyone.” 

-- Carl Lowe, Cancer Rehab Program patient 


“I was diagnosed with colon cancer in August 2013. Over the 4th of July weekend in 2013, I was experiencing a lot of discomfort and neuropathy. I felt frustrated and abandoned by my healthcare provider. I began researching life after chemo and discovered the Cancer Rehab program at Touro. I decided to send an email, and I received a call from Lilian O’Cain on Monday. 

“I have been in Touro’s Cancer Rehab Program for more than two years. The program has been so helpful to me. I enjoy the support system from the therapists and the other cancer patients. Before the program, I had a lot of numbness in my arms and hands from neuropathy. I currently only have numbness in my fingertips. I also don’t experience foot pain anymore. My pain and fatigue were at a 10 and it’s now at a 5. Thanks to the Rehab program, I am in a much better place."


Eva Hurst, Cancer Rehab Program patient 

Marsha Jody“On December 14, 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. In March 2015, I underwent a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. Before surgery, a friend told me about the Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Touro Infirmary, and I decided to check it out. I met with Lil and Laura where they made me feel welcomed. They also gave me a strong sense of support. I learned about lymphedema and different massage treatments.”  Lymphedema is a swelling that occurs in both your arms or legs caused by the removal or damage of your lymph nodes.

“I couldn't have made it through chemotherapy and recovery on my own. It was not only the therapy that Laura, my PT, provided but her compassion, positivity and care, which had a tremendous effect on my recovery. I looked forward to seeing my therapist every week. Half of my recovery goes to the Cancer Rehab Program, and the other half to me. I love Touro, and I believe everyone should know about the Cancer Rehabilitation Program. I wanted to give back to the facility that helped me recover, and I now volunteer in the Infusion Center.”

-- Marsha Jordy, Cancer Rehab Program patient 


Lesley Rubenstein“Over two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided to go through treatment at Touro Infirmary because I liked that Touro treats the whole person, both physically and spiritually. I had a bilateral mastectomy, partial reconstruction, chemotherapy and reconstruction again. Everyone at Touro made me feel like I was the only patient. I met Lil at a Cancer Support Group, and she informed me about the Cancer Rehabilitation Program. “

“My life has been saved twice through cancer treatment and the Cancer Rehabilitation Program. After treatment, I could barely move and keep my balance, and I wasn’t getting enough sleep. My therapist Frannie helped me set realistic goals and find a balance in life.  My head used to spin while trying to fall asleep, and she taught me techniques to ease my mind. I adapted a healthy diet and exercise regimen because of the support from Frannie. I do weight training and yoga. I have built up my core to help with my balance. I also do stretching to help my scar tissue. ”

“The Cancer Rehabilitation Program has helped me to go back to work. Before Frannie, I couldn't paint or write on the chalkboard. I am now able to move around when I teach my class and can even do art with the children without feeling any pain. I have even shared some of the relaxation and stretching techniques with my students. I feel like shouting from the rooftops about the Cancer Rehab Program. I am thankful to have the Touro Cancer Rehab Program on this journey with me.”


Lesley Rubenstein, Cancer Rehab Program patient 

Cynthia Matthews“Following treatment for uterine cancer, I found I had lost a lot of my strength and was having frequent falls in my home. I was also having some trouble with my memory.

A nurse who treated me referred me to the Cancer Rehabilitation Program. Thanks to the program where I received physical and occupational therapy, I’m getting back to my former self.

Improving memory was the main focus of my therapy. I also experienced neuropathy in my hands and feet as a result of cancer treatment and worked to improve that as well. In therapy I did a lot of memory games, such as repeating and remembering a sentence. Now I’ve had fewer falls, less fatigue and feel like a different person than I did during cancer treatment.

Everyone in the Cancer Rehabilitation Program is extremely helpful, patient and kind. They want you to succeed and to reach your goals and will do anything to help you. I’m truly thankful for my therapy team.


Cynthia MatthewsCancer Rehab Program patient 

Uldean Hawkins"Following cancer treatment, I had complications in my bones that resulted in stiffness, poor flexibility and limited range of motion and found the Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Touro. 

I’ve had such a positive experience with my physical therapy. Melissa, my therapist, is patient, kind and encouraging, she has really made a difference in my life. Prior to physical therapy, I had trouble getting in and out of a vehicle and walking quickly. Therapy has truly improved my range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance. I have a new outlook!

I’m looking forward to resuming activities I enjoyed prior to my cancer journey. I am very pleased with the outcome of my therapy and feeling successful and independent in my life."


Uldean Hawkins, Cancer Rehab Program patient

Denise Willams"Treatment for breast cancer left me with neuropathy in my hands and feet. This really limited what I was able to do. My hands were locked into fists, so I could not cook or even sign my name. I also had balance problems and was falling at home.

The Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Touro really helped me. When I first started the program, I was feeling distraught and depressed. Now I’m doing well after physical and occupational therapy. I really feel better and am able to help other patients who are struggling.

Thanks to the therapists, my balance is better and I've learned how to hold a knife to cut seasonings and cook again in the Touro cooking class. Now I’m back to cooking my legendary gumbo at home for my family." 


Denise Williams

, Cancer Rehab Program patient 

Yolanda Brown"The Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Touro is just the best. It’s helpful in a lot of different ways that go well beyond physical therapy. For me, just being able to talk to somebody supportive who knows what I am going through means so much.

Cancer left me with limited mobility in my left arm which prevented me from working as a streetcar driver since I could not grip or pull the levers to drive. With the help of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, I’m now able to use my arm again and just returned to work and the beautiful streets of New Orleans. Thanks to the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, I’m back at work and back to my life."

>> CLICK HERE for Yolanda's story via a Times-Picayune article on nola.com.

--Yolanda Brown, Cancer Rehab Program patient 

Lana Roberts"I was diagnosed with colon cancer in June 2013. That is when I discovered Touro. It is the best hospital I have experienced during one of the hardest moments of my life. I do not live in New Orleans, but chose Touro for cancer treatment and drive about an hour each way to and from several times a week—coming to Touro was the right decision for me and my family. I had surgery as an inpatient at Touro and then received chemotherapy there before entering the Cancer Rehabilitation Program. My experience at Touro, from the doctors, nurses and all the other staff I encountered was nothing short of incredible. Any time I or my family needed anything, the staff was right there to help. The infusion nurse was there to soothe me and hold my hand when I was feeling my lowest—physically and emotionally.

After completing chemotherapy, I felt a constant ache in my feet, hands and shoulders. I had developed chemo induced neuropathy, a tingling sensation, in my feet and hands as well as chemo induced arthritis, which is rare. When I was referred to the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, I was in constant discomfort and could not open and close my hands—making it hard to do everyday things like pick up a pen or hold a clipboard-things that you take for granted. I’d say I’m 85-90% better now than I was at start of therapy. I’m able to grab things and do things in my daily life like I used to.

I don’t think I would be alive today if it wasn't for Touro. So many patients live with side effects as the result of cancer treatment and aren't aware treatment is available to help. I definitely recommend cancer patients discuss the cancer rehabilitation with their care team."

--Lana Roberts, Cancer Rehab Program patient

Marguerite White"The Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Touro helped me through my recurrence of breast cancer and to return to my life and doing the things I love. Post-surgery, the strengthening and balance exercises I have worked on with the therapists have helped me return to doing daily activities I did before surgery, like walking, cooking and laundry. The physical therapists were very knowledgeable and helpful. The program helped me tremendously and I think other cancer patients could benefit from it as well. The program helps patients feel more prepared and positive about the recovery process and returning to everyday activities and independence."

--Marguerite White, Cancer Rehab Program patient 

“I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September 2015 and started chemotherapy in October. In January 2016, I finished treatment and was referred to Touro’s Cancer Rehabilitation Program. After completing chemotherapy, I was in constant discomfort and developed chemo induced neuropathy. I had major pain in my heels and hips, which made it difficult to walk and stand. I could not stand up any longer than 10 minutes at a time. My therapist Alex recommended this new treatment called Anodyne Therapy to relieve pain in my heels.”

Anodyne Therapy delivers therapeutic benefits such as a temporary reduction in pain, muscle spasm and increase circulation. It’s an infrared therapy device, which causes a biological chain of reactions in the tissue. The device increases circulation, brings oxygen and nutrients to injured areas, expedites healing and reduces pain.

“Anodyne therapy worked to lessen the effects of the peripheral neuropathy. Thanks to Alex, the pain in my heels and hips has completely disappeared. Thanks to Anodyne, I was able to go back to work and start exercising again. Anodyne and the Cancer Rehab Program at Touro have allowed me to regain my quality of life. “

--   Anonymous, Cancer Rehab Program patient 

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