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Breast Cancer Surgery

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Breast Cancer Surgery

Touro offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patients with all stages of breast cancer aimed at preservation of critical functions, prevention of disease recurrence and optimization of quality of life.

Choose a Surgeon Who Specializes in the Breast

Dr. John ColfryOnce you have been told that you have breast cancer or might have breast cancer, you will be referred to a surgeon. Choosing and working with the surgeon to understand your surgical treatment options is an important step in the treatment process. There are many doctors who perform breast cancer surgery, but most do not specialize in breast cancer and may just do a handful of cases a year.

When choosing a surgeon, consider these criteria:

• Specializes in breast cancer – This demonstrates a commitment and expertise in treating this disease; breast surgeons will be more up to date on the latest surgical techniques than general surgeons who may not focus entirely on breast cancer surgery
• Has done a breast surgical oncology fellowship
• Is recognized as a breast surgical oncologist
• Performs many breast cancer surgeries each year – High volume surgeons tend to have better results and are more attuned to subtle differences in individual cases. Patients should seek out a breast surgeon who performs a high volume of breast cancer surgeries, and not just breast surgeries such as biopsies, but lumpectomies and mastectomies as well.

Touro’s breast surgery program is led by an MD Anderson fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist who is an expert in this field. He works closely with plastic and reconstructive surgeons to give patients the best cosmetic results and options.

Touro’s breast surgical oncologist is also experienced with oncoplastic surgery, an approach to breast cancer surgery that combines plastic surgery techniques with lumpectomy and spares many women from mastectomy.

Learn About Breast Surgical Procedures: 

Auxillary node dissection

Sentinel node biopsy

Radioactive seed localization

Hidden scar breast cancer surgery

Lumpectomy/breast conservation


• Total simple mastectomy
• Modified radical mastectomy
• Skin sparing mastectomy
• Nipple sparing mastectomy
• Nipple and areola sparing mastectomy
• Scar sparing mastectomy

Oncoplastic surgery

Simultaneous reconstruction

Staged reconstruction

Preventive/prophylactic mastectomy

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