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Heart and Vascular Center

Touro takes care of my heart.For 165 years, one hospital has dedicated itself to making sure that New Orleans enjoys the best possible state of health. Today, Touro is bringing you quality heart and vascular care.

At Touro, you'll find some of the area's most respected heart specialists, a team of experienced professionals and today's newest technology. All in one place. Providing a full spectrum of cardiac care, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, with a dedicated women’s heart health program.

The Heart and Vascular Center at Touro is committed to providing the best possible care to patients with various forms of cardiac and/or vascular disorders. The field of cardiovascular medicine is truly dynamic, and new advances in diagnostic techniques, imaging modalities, therapeutics, and interventions are continuously being introduced.

Comprehensive, advanced diagnostic services include:

 Diagnostic treatments include:

For more information, please call the Heart and Vascular Center at (504) 897-8453.


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