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Supportive Cancer Care Center

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Touro is committed to helping you with physical changes that results from cancer treatment.

Cancer and cancer treatment changes your body. These changes in how your body looks, feels, and performs can impact your body image—how you perceive your body and feel about your appearance.

Some physical changes that result from cancer treatments—surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy—may be temporary, while others are permanent. Some physical changes affect your appearance, while other changes affect how your body feels and functions.

Just as each person reacts differently to the diagnosis of cancer, the way in which a person reacts to physical changes is unique. Some people are not affected much by body changes, while others may have difficulty accepting even small changes.

Touro is committed to helping you cope with the physical effects of cancer treatment by providing you with information, resources, and support. Contact the Touro Supportive Cancer Care Center at (504) 897-8678 for help dealing with physical changes that affect your appearance and/or body image.
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