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The following resources are offered to help you learn more about issues related to mental and emotional health. This information is not meant to be comprehensive or guarantee the results you seek. If a particular problem persists, talk with your doctor or a mental health professional to get the help you need.

Here are some books, articles, and websites you might find useful:


Everyday Strength: A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Spiritual Survival by Randy Becton

* Faith, Hope, and Healing: Inspiring Lessons Learned from People with Cancer by Bernie Siegel

Faith, Love and Laughter: Surviving Cancer by Candace Eide

* Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow: Hope, Humor, and Healing after Treatment by Lynn Eib

Hope for Tomorrow by Gretchen Harris

Living Time: Faith and Facts to Transform Your Cancer Journey by Bernadine Healy

Love, Hope, Faith: A Personal Journey Through Cancer by Gaynel Gunderson

* When God & Cancer Meet: True Stories of Hope and Healing by Lynn Eib

Why Me God: Religious Faith and Cancer by Vincent Moschella

* This book is available for check-out in Touro’s Patient Resource Library


Click here for an article entitled Effects of Spirituality on Breast Cancer Survivors.

Click here for an article entitled How Religion and Spirituality Can Help.



American Cancer Society (ACS)—Spirituality and Prayer 
BreastCancer.com—Spirituality and Prayer

National Comprehensive Cancer Network—Finding Comfort in Spirituality 

LIVESTRONG.com—Effects of Spirituality on Cancer Patients 

National Cancer Institute (NCI)—Spirituality in Cancer Care 

The Gawler Foundation—Cancer and Spirituality Research 
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