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Sr. Linda DeleryAfter you finish your treatment, you will begin the process of recovery. There are many things that will likely be on your mind during this time. Not just physical, but often emotional and psychological concerns surface following treatment. It is important to recognize when these concerns arise and take the appropriate steps to address them. Remember, you are not alone during recovery. The doctors, nurses and staff at Touro are available to help you make the transition from treatment to recovery.

It’s important you be prepared for life after cancer treatment. If you find yourself unable to deal with the concerns that may surface during recovery, discuss your concerns with your doctor. Another resource for help is the Touro’s Supportive Cancer Care Center which has a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines available to provide you with the assistance and support you need. For more information on the services offered through the Supportive Cancer Care Center, call (504) 897-8678.

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