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Therapeutic Wellness 

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The Therapeutic Wellness program incorporates gentle yoga and relaxation techniques to help you develop strength, stamina, and a sense of well-being, both during and after cancer treatment. Practicing these techniques—in an individual program designed by an occupational therapist—can potentially help you:

  • manage treatment side effects
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • strengthen your immune system
  • promote general wellness
The relaxation training you receive through Therapeutic Wellness is designed to compliment your current medical care. To make certain you are physically ready for this program, your physician's referral is required for you to participate. Therapeutic Wellness is offered in individual sessions for a fee which is usually covered by your health insurance.

For more information or to schedule a Therapeutic Wellness session, please contact Tamarin Hennebury, LOTR, Certified Yoga Instructor, through the Touro Occupational Therapy Dept. at 504-897-8188.
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