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Volunteering at Touro

Touro Infirmary is located in the heart of New Orleans and volunteers are at the heart of the hospital’s compassionate health care services. Volunteers assist Touro in serving patients, families, visitors and other guests. The hospital staff deeply appreciates the volunteers and strives to make their experience productive, rewarding and meaningful.

Opportunities exist in almost every department, where volunteers can make use of existing skills or cultivate new ones. Volunteers currently contribute their time in some 35 different areas. In administration or on a medical unit, everyone at Touro benefits from volunteer assistance.

Although volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, Touro provides special student programs. In the summer, Junior Volunteers, ages 14 to 18, serve in a variety of departments. Volunteer Services also places medically minded college students in various assignments. These young adults have opportunities for experiential learning that prepares them for further medical education and future careers as doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians. 
Please send your completed application (download PDF here) to the address below, or call 504-897-8107 for further information.
Touro Infirmary
Volunteer Services
1401 Foucher Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Denise Chetta,
Director, Volunteer Services
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Touro Infirmary, 1401 Foucher Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
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