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CARF Accredited

CARF accreditedTouro Rehabilitation Center is accredited by CARF in three programs, including:

What are the benefits of accreditation to the patient?
  • Assurance that a monitoring system is in place that is specifically concerned with your best interests.
  • Assurance that the programs and services offered at Touro Rehabilitation Center have met consumer-focused, state-of-the-art national standards of performance.
  • Assurance that the accreditation standards were developed with the involvement and input of consumers.
  • Assurance that the accredited organization is focused on obtaining the optimum outcome for each person served.
  • Assurance that the accredited program actively involves the persons served and significant others, as appropriate, in the decision-making process that affects the planning and implementation of services for each individual.
What is CARF?

CARF is a private, not-for-profit organization whose sole concern is to promote quality services for people with disabilities.  It does this by establishing standards of quality for such services, then using these standards to determine how well an organization is serving its consumers and how it can improve.

CARF's standards are developed by rehabilitation professionals from across the country with the involvement and input of consumers.  They are state-of-the-art standards of performance for organizations that are providing services to people with disabilities.  The goal of these standards is to see that an organization capably and competently serves its consumers and addresses their needs.

What does it mean to be accredited?

The organization with programs and services you use that are accredited by CARF have demonstrated that they are in substantial conformance with CARF's standards.  They have been examined during an on-site survey by skilled and knowledgeable professionals who practice in the field.  Such a survey not only holds Touro Rehabilitation Center accountable for conforming with nationally recognized standards of performance, but also offers an opportunity to consult with CARF's surveyors to enhance the delivery of quality services.

CARF accreditation reinforces your trust and confidence that an organization such as Touro Rehabilitation Center has made a major commitment to enhance the quality of its services through a voluntary process of accountability that is focused on you, the consumer.

To obtain a list of accredited organizations, a copy of the CARF standards, or other information about CARF, please contact:

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