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Digital Mammography

>> What is digital mammography
Digital mammography takes an electronic image of the breast and stores it directly in a computer. Digital mammography uses less radiation than film mammography. Digital mammography allows improvement in image storage and transmission because images can be stored and sent electronically.
The Touro Imaging Center uses a full-field digital mammography system. This is the latest generation of mammography equipment, and offers new facilities for processing images (zoom, contrast adjustment, computer assisted diagnosis etc.) and is showing the way forward to the development of equipment in the future.
>> What should I expect during a digital mammogram?
A digital mammography examination is similar to a traditional mammography examination. Positioning and compression of the breast are identical. In order to obtain a mammogram, the breast must be compressed using a compression paddle, which has been specifically designed for this type of examination. Precise X-Ray images are obtained from a variety of angles. The compression ensures that the diagnosis can be correctly made. It enables all of the breast structures to be examined without the use of excessively high doses of radiation.

Compression may be uncomfortable for a few seconds only, but should not be a painful procedure. A specialist technician, or radiographer, controls the level of compression and adjusts the compression paddle. This is done progressively and precisely so that it is completely acceptable to the patient. You experience only a slight sensation of discomfort.

>> How reliable is digital mammography?
Digital mammography offers other advantages over film, including improved ease of image access, transmission, retrieval and storage, and lower average radiation dose without a compromise in diagnostic accuracy. In addition, digital mammograms are less likely than film mammograms to be lost.
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