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Imaging Services

The Center's latest technology offerings:
The 3T offers shorter scan times, less repositioning and more patient comfort without compromising quality. The superb reliability of high-field MRI allows our board-certified radiologists to differentiate between benign and potentially hazardous medical conditions with confidence. This allows the health-care team to provide earlier diagnosis and treatment, leading to more positive outcomes.

PET/CT fusion 
PET/CT image allows physicians to see cancer earlier, localize and personalize treatment, and carefully monitor that treatment. The exam takes less than 30 minutes and quickly provides comprehensive diagnostic information to a health care team.

64-slice CT scans
The 64-slice CT scanner offers the most sophisticated, noninvasive way to produce images of the heart. This scanner is the most advanced CT system available anywhere – enabling clinicians to take images of the heart and coronary vessels in a matter of seconds. Images of the heart dramatically improve physician’s ability to diagnose previously undetected heart disease and can help determine the cause of the problem in patients complaining of chest pain. That means cardiologists can spot heart abnormalities and blockages faster and without the need for an invasive cardiac catheterization and hospitalization.

Ultrasound testing for the abdomen, pelvis, breast and thyroid areas
Enhanced image quality, innovative tools and an increased diagnostic confidence—the Touro Imaging Center employs the latest ultrasound technology. Using the GE Logiq 9 our experts are able to see remarkably clear and detailed real-time images of virtually any internal organ or tissue. 

The Women’s Imaging Center' comprehensive services:

Full-field digital mammography (screening and diagnostic)
The digital mammography system takes less than half the time of traditional film-based exams, enables radiologists to review images immediately and offers greater detail for suspicious areas. Much like a digital photo, the images can be enhanced, manipulated, and improved by the radiologist, so a digital mammogram can provide more information for diagnosis.

All Digital Images
Mammography is critical to catching breast cancer in its earliest—and most treatable—stages. Touro offers all digital mammograms. Digital mammography is by far the superior option when it comes to mammograms. Digital mammograms are faster, more comfortable, clearer, uses less radiation and offer computer aided detection that is simply not possible with traditional mammography.

Breast MRI
Bi-lateral breast MRI is the ‘gold standard’ in breast diagnostic testing. It’s faster because it scans both breasts at the same time, and it’s more accurate thanks to enhanced resolution technology.

Breast ultrasound
The Women’s Imaging Center offers breast ultrasound to determine if a lump is a mass or a cyst and is especially helpful for women with dense breast tissue to detect cancers that do not show up on mammograms.

OB/GYN ultrasound
The GE Logiq 9 provides images with great detail and clarity, making finding and diagnosing small lesions and small body parts easier and more accurate for physicians.

DEXA bone densitometry
DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is the latest most advanced method we've employed to characterize fracture risk in human bones. Older methods do not predict hip fractures as well as DEXA.
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