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brain scanTouro’s totally filmless imaging facility uses an innovative dictation and speech recognition system voice recognition technology which allows our radiologists to dictate, transcribe, review, and approve radiology reports online in a matter of minutes following a patient’s appointment.
The following are among the major new technological devices employed by Touro's Imaging Center.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Siemens Magnetom Verio 3 Tesla MRI is an encyclopedia. The scanner generates the strongest magnetic field used clinically today and is 10 to 15 times the strength of low field or open MRI scanners.
The 3T offers shorter scan times, less repositioning and patient comfort without compromising quality. The superb reliability of high-field MRI allows our board-certified radiologists to differentiate between benign and potentially hazardous medical conditions with confidence. This allows the health-care team to provide earlier diagnosis and treatment, leading to more positive outcomes.
Our 3T MRI scanner is much roomier than traditional MRIs. The more open design and extra large opening of nearly 2 ½ feet can accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes, even those who may be afraid of confined spaces. A foot of spacious headroom means that the tight confines of older MRIs are a thing of the past.
body scanPET/CT
The GE Discovery ST is a powerful tool that combines two imaging techniques, exceptional whole-body Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and the leading Computerized Tomography (CT) technology, to reveal cancer before it can be seen with other imaging techniques—giving patients and doctors a head start on treatment. PET/CT image allows physicians to see cancer earlier, localize and personalize treatment, and carefully monitor that treatment.

PET/CT image allows physicians to see cancer earlier, localize and personalize treatment, and carefully monitor that treatment. The exam takes less than 30 minutes and quickly provides comprehensive diagnostic information to a health care team.

Combined PET/CT is more accurate than PET and CT alone. In one continuous full-body scan, PET captures images of tiny changes in the body’s metabolism caused by the growth of abnormal cells, while CT images simultaneously allow physicians to pinpoint the location, size and shape of the tumor.

With PET/CT imaging, patients have a better chance at a good outcome and avoid unnecessary procedures. A PET/CT image also provides early detection of the recurrence of cancer.

64-Slice CT
The 64-slice CT scanner offers the most sophisticated, noninvasive way to produce images of the heart. This scanner is the most advanced CT system available anywhere – enabling clinicians to take images of the heart and coronary vessels in a matter of seconds. Images of the heart dramatically improve physician’s ability to diagnose previously undetected heart disease and can help determine the cause of the problem in patients complaining of chest pain.
That means cardiologists can spot heart abnormalities and blockages faster and without the need for an invasive cardiac catheterization and hospitalization.
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