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Understanding the Procedure > Meal Preparation

Before having your surgery, stock up on your favorite food items that require minimal preparation. Be sure to include some high protein foods as protein is important to the healing process.

>> Some suggestions include:

Fat free Fruit Yogurt
Fat Free Pudding Cups
Fat Free/Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Skim Milk/Low Fat Milk
Fresh Fruit
Fruit Cups
Sherbet or Popsicles
Deli Meats
Low fat cheese slices or cubes
Vanilla Wafers
Graham Crackers
Whole Grain Bread
Whole Grain Cereals
Ready to serve soups
Frozen Healthy Choice dinners

If you prefer “hot meals” cook ahead and freeze.

*If you are on a special diet (diabetic, cardiac, etc.) do continue to adhere to your diet as you recover from surgery.

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