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Dr. Lizer and the Touro Imaging Center, WLAE - Doctors New Orleans
Dr. Eva Lizer on breast cancer screenings and imaging at Touro.

31 Days of Pink, WLAE - New Orleans Living
Dr. Robert Gardner, Director of the Touro Supportive Cancer Care Center, discuss the Touro 31 Days of Pink campaign.

Cancer Super Foods, WVUE-FOX 8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, on cancer-fighting super foods.

Parkinson's Program at Touro9.16.2013
Parkinson's Program at Touro, The New Orleans Advocate
Touro Speech Therapist Lynne Lee works with Joseph Zeno during the LSVT Loud speech therapy session.
>> Click here for The New Orleans Advocate Story.

Devon Walker Recovery, ESPN
Touro Rehab team helps Tulane football player recover from an on-field spinal injury.

Eating Healthy When Eating Out, WVUE-FOX 8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, offers advice on how to maintain a healthy meal plan even when dining out.

PRESS RELEASE: Touro Bond Rating Upgraded
Standard & Poor’s Rating Services announced today that they have upgraded Touro Infirmary’s “BB+” issuer credit rating (ICR) to “BBB.”
>> Click here for PDF of press release.

Hurricane Prep, WVUE-FOX 8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, offers advice on how to prepare for a hurricane when it comes to food.

Royal Birth, WGNO-ABC 26

Touro Family Birthing Center deliveries arrive on the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome their prince.

The Power of the Hard Stop, Hospitals & Health Networks
Touro's Family Birthing Center highly successful efforts to reduce early elective deliveries was featured in a HRET Hospital Engagement Network Special Report.

>> CLICK HERE for the video.

Food Labels, WVUE-FOX8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, on reading food labels and what to look for.

Touro's New NICU, WVUE-FOX8
Touro's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is featured after undergoing a major renovation and state-of-the-art expansion.


Dietary Supplements, WVUE-FOX8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, defines dietary supplements and how they interact with your body and other medications.

Breast Cancer Gene, WDSU
Dr. Elly Zakris, Touro Radiation Oncologist, discusses the gene mutation and those that should be tested for it.

Salivary Gland Stones, WLAE
Dr. Rohan Walvekar, Touro Head & Neck Surgeon, explains the functions of salivary glands along with problems that require treatment and/or surgery.

Mindful Eating, WVUE-FOX8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, discusses planning meals instead of skipping meals and overindulging.

Valentine's Day Health, WVUE-FOX8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, talks about making smart choices for Valentine's Day treats.

Mardi Gras Eating, WWL-TV
Touro dietician Amanda Miller discussed healthy options and food safety for the Mardi Gras festivities.

LSVT Program at Touro, WLAE
A Touro patient, her physician and team of therapists, demonstrate the benefits of Touro's physical and speech therapy program for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Mardi Gras Comes to Touro, WWL-TV
B'nai B'rith brought a bit of Mardi Gras to the patients at Touro Infirmary with a carnival parade.

Touro's 3000th Baby of the Year Arrives, WWL-TV and WVUE-FOX8
Touro reaches milestone with the birth of the 3000th baby this year.

Healthy Holiday Eating, WVUE-FOX8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, discusses ways to prevent weight gain during the holiday season.

Supportive Cancer Care Center, COX CONNEXIONS
Touro's Psychosocial Oncologist Robert Gardner, Ph.D. and patient/Infusion Center volunteer Carolyn Kurt discussed Touro's Supportive Cancer Care Center and the valuable support services it provides to cancer patients.

Diabetes Awareness, WVUE-FOX8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, discusses diabetes and diabetes prevention.

Covington High School Student Makes Inspiring Recovery at the Touro Rehab Center after Boating Injury, WGNO Friday Night Football
Touro Rehabilitation patient and Covington High School student Riley Rainey was featured in a WGNO-ABC segment chronicling his remarkable recovery.

Super Foods & Your Health, FOX8 News
Touro family physician Meredith Maxwell, MD presented factors that affect your health and benefits provided by certain foods.

Healthy Breakfast, FOX8 News
Touro family physician Meredith Maxwell, MD appeared on FOX8 News and discussed healthy breakfast habits for helping every member of your family get through the day.

Parkinson's Therapy, WWL-TV
A Touro patient, her physician and team of therapists, demonstrate the benefits of Touro's physical and speech therapy program for patients with Parkinson's disease. View video below or click here for the written story.

Touro Celebrates 160 Years, Cox Connexions
Cathy Kahn, Touro Archivist and Gabby Nagle, Foundation Board Member, discuss the hospital's history and Touro's Here For Life Gala.

Healthy Summer Eating Tips, WVUE
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, shares tips on how to cut down on fat and calories, but still enjoy great flavor.

E. Coli Contamination, WVUE
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, speaks of ways to protect against E. coli infection.

Driver Assessments, WWL-TV
Touro Occupational Therapist and Driving Specialist Judy Otto discusses factors that determine when individuals should stop driving.

Louisiana's Bicentennial Babies, WVUE
Louisiana commemorated its bicentennial by celebrating babies born on April 30, 2012.

Smart Festival Food Choices, WLAE
Touro Dietician, Julie Sauviac, makes her recommendations for better food choices during this festival season.

Foods that Help with Allergy Symptoms, FOX-8
Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Touro Family Medicine, shows us foods that can help reduce allergy symptoms.

We Need to Talk Series: Conversations with Aging Drivers, WDSU
Touro's Lillian O'Cain, Certified Aging Specialist, discusses ways to talk with elderly relatives about issues they may begin having with driving.

PRESS RELEASE: Touro Cancer Program Receives Commission On Cancer Accreditation & 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award
Touro Infirmary’s Cancer Program has received the 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award and a three-year Accreditation with Commendation by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS). Touro is the only New Orleans area hospital to receive the 2011 OAA Award.
>> CLICK HERE to read more.

Birthing Options for Expecting Parents, WLAE
Jamie Myers, RN, Clinical Nurse Educator, explains the many services and classes offered by Touro's Family Birthing Center.

Twinkle, Twinkle, WDSU
Touro Family Birthing Center moms hold benefit for hospital.

CityBusiness Recognizes Touro Staff with Healthcare Hero Awards
Ellen Zakris, M.D., Director of Radiation Oncology, and Daniel Rupley, M.D., Radiologist were recognized by CityBusiness Newspaper as a member of the 2012 Class of Health Care Heroes. In its sixth year, the Healthcare Heroes recognizes 50 top individuals in Louisiana’s health care industry that succeed in their professional and community activities. The honorees were announced Friday, March 9 and will be recognized at a May 10 luncheon at the downtown Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and will be profiled in a special publication accompanying the May 18 edition of CityBusiness.
Contact: Christine Albert, AVP, Marketing
Phone: (504) 897-8263
Fax: (504) 897-8106
Email: christine.albert@touro.com

Touro Infirmary oncologist Dr. Salvador Caputto received the Murrel H. Kaplan Compassionate Physician Award, Thursday, February 23, 2012. The Kaplan Award is an annual honor recognizing an active Touro Infirmary medical staff member for values important to Dr. Kaplan during his 50-year practice: compassion, empathy, respect for the patient as a whole person, and genuine care for the patient’s welfare.
>> CLICK HERE to read more.

Leap Day Baby, WWL-TV & WGNO
Touro Family Birthing Center patient delivers second child born on Leap Day.

Bennie and his Beading, WWL-TV
Touro Occupational Therapy patient Bennie Ratcliff works on a Mardi Gras Indian suit as his therapy.

CarFit for Seniors, WLAE
Touro Occupational Therapists on driving safety for older drivers.

Touro Infirmary’s Imaging Center has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed topography (CT) as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR).
>> CLICK HERE to read more.

Cold and Flu Season, FOX 8
Touro Family Physician Dr. Meredith Maxwell gives tips for fighting cold and flu symptoms.

Managing Holiday Stress, FOX 8
Touro Internist Dr. Erica Jackson discusses causes of stress and its health effects, as well as ways to manage the stress.

Surviving Breast Cancer While Pregnant, WWL-TV
A Touro oncology patient discusses her experience and Touro Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Elly Zakris, gives her medical viewpoint on the case.

Eating Healthy New Orleans-Style, WWL-TV
Touro Dietician, Julie Sauviac, discusses ways to monitor sugar intake during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Eating Healthy New Orleans-Style,
Touro's Family Birthing Center was featured on November 11, 2011, with the babies born on this day.

Eating Healthy New Orleans-Style,
Touro Registration Dietician Charlotte Lemoine discusses the surprising facts about the amount salt found in prepared foods.

31 Days of Pink & Sucre,
Internist Dr. Erica Jackson talks about Touro's 31 Days of Pink campaign designed to raise breast cancer awareness and promote breast health by partnering with local businesses like Sucre.

Therapeutic Wellness,
Tamarin Hennebury, Touro Occupational Therapist, explains the benefits cancer patients receive from activities such as breathing excercises and restorative yoga techniques.

Breast Cancer Awareness,
Touro's Dr. Erica Brown-Jackson discusses race and risk as it relates to breast cancer rates.

31 Days of Pink,
On September 30th, Touro launched their campaign for 31 days of breast cancer awareness, during the entire month of October. 31daysofpink.com aims to educate the community about the deadly disease.


Touro Receives National Award for Exceeding Patient Expectiations in 2010, Touro News
New Orleans – Touro Infirmary was recognized as a national award winner in healthcare service quality for Exceeding Patient Expectations by Avatar International Inc., the leader in measuring customer expectations in healthcare. The Exceeding Patient Expectations Award is based on the three critical survey items gauging patient expectation about quality of care, reliability and customization before the visit.
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