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Brain Injury Rehab

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CARF accreditedBrain Injury rehabilitation services are guided by our mission statement which attests to being committed to excellence in providing compassionate, family-oriented rehabilitation services. We improve the quality of life for adolescents and adults by enhancing function, increasing independence and facilitating community re-entry.

The Brain Injury Program offers specialized care for patients admitted with a brain injury resulting from trauma, stroke, anoxia, tumor or other neurological diseases.

The Brain Injury Program provides an interdisciplinary team approach to manage the patient’s medical, neuro-psychological, sociological and functional needs, with patient/family input and consideration for each patient’s abilities and functional potential. Care is coordinated among the team by the physician and case manager. Rehabilitation treatment plans of care are goal-directed based on patient needs identified by the rehabilitation team, as well as those of the patient and family.

>> CLICK HERE for Emergency Preparedness for Individuals with a Brain Injury

>> CLICK HERE for Emergency Response Checklist for First Responders and Emergency Management Agencies

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