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Eat Well

FREE Healthy Lifestyles Seminar held the 1st Thursday of every month from 6-7PM.

Pay attention to food labels and serving sizesENJOY THE GOOD LIFE…Has living in the Big Easy taken a toll on your health?

Join Touro dieticians on the first Thursday of every month to learn about the keys to eating healthy New Orleans style. Learn about heart healthy dining strategies, including tasty recipe modifications and food label awareness. Learn how to live the good life and stay healthy too!

This seminar is FREE, but registration is required. Call 504-897-8500 or click here to register.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Major Sources of Added Sugars (Caloric Sweeteners) in the American Diet Food Categories Contribution to Added Sugars Intake

Food groups that contribute more than 5 percent of the added sugars to the American diet in decreasing order:

Food Categories Contribution to Added Sugars Intake
(percent of total added sugars consumed)
Regular soft drinks 33.0
Sugars and candy 16.1
Cakes, cookies, pies 12.9
Fruit drinks (fruitades and fruit punch) 9.7
Dairy desserts and milk products
(ice cream, sweetened yogurt, and sweetened milk)
Other grains (cinnamon toast and honey-nut waffles) 5.8

Names for Added Sugars That Appear on Food Labels

Some of the names for added sugars that may be in processed foods and listed on the label ingredients list:

Brown sugar Invert sugar
Corn sweetener Lactose
Corn syrup Maltose
Dextrose Malt syrup
Fructose Molasses
Fruit juice concentrates Raw sugar
Glucose Sucrose
High-fructose corn syrup Sugar
Honey Syrup

Source: www.health.gov

Lighten-Up: Tips to Slim Down Some of Your Favorite Recipes

Click the recipes below to see how a few simple modifications can help you skim down on fat and calories without compromising taste.  
Spinach Dip
Calories: 137  (original recipe: 290)
Total fat: 4.9g (original recipe: 25.9g)
Sat fat: 1g (original recipe: 8.4g)
Crab and Chowder
Calories: 143 (original recipe: 219)
Total fat: 2.7g (original recipe: 9.6g)
Bread Pudding
Calories: 282  (original recipe: 382)
Total fat: 3.9g (original recipe: 25.9g)
Cholesterol: 8mg (original recipe: 82mg)
Sugars: 34g (original recipe: 55g)
>> Email us your recipes!
Do you have a favorite recipe you would like a Touro Registered Dietician to “lighten up”? Just email eatwell@touro.com. We’ll review your recipe and provide simple modifications to help you save fat and calories.
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