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Emergency Preparedness

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Touro Infirmary has plans and teams in place, ready to act, if an emergency begins to affect the New Orleans area. Similarly, you should be prepared to implement your own personal emergency plan for you and your family. Access the resource links on this page to help you with planning and staying informed.

Our emergency preparedness plan is designed to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. In preparing our plan we have worked closely with state and local governments, the Louisiana Hospital Association, our medical staff and employees.

RESOURCES: Louisiana Emergency Preparedness
>> Physicians, employees and the general public, please continue to check www.touro.com for updates.
>> Physicians and employees, be sure to update your contact information at www.touro.com/inTouch so that urgent messages can be sent to you directly.

>> Physicians: All attending and consulting physicians should transfer care of inpatients to the DMAT team using the transfer form available for download here. Transfer of care can occur no sooner than 24 hours prior to hospital lockdown. The form must be submitted in person for each patient to the Physician Services Office. 

Download our full checklist for stocking your Hurricane Emergency Kit

Pregnant women and families with small children need to make extra preparations to ensure that things go smoothly, whether evacuating or staying. Making preparations can spare a new mother from unneeded worry during power outages and storm recovery! Download our Hurricane Checklist for New Moms and Pregnant Women

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