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Needle Localizations

Generally, a needle breast biopsy follows this process:

  1. You will be asked to remove any clothing from the waist up, and given a gown to wear.

  2. You will lie down or sit up. This depends on your provider’s preference and if X-ray or ultrasound guidance will be used.

  3. The skin over the biopsy site will be cleaned with a sterile solution.

  4. When a local anesthetic is used, you will feel a needle stick when the medicine is injected. You may feel a brief stinging feeling. The biopsy will not start until the area is numb.

  5. When ultrasound is used, the probe will be placed on your breast to find the breast lump or mass.

  6. When stereotactic imaging is used, you will lie face down with your breast placed in an opening on the table. A computer will find the exact site of the breast lump or area of concern.

  7. You will need to lie still during the procedure. But you won’t need to hold your breath. 

  8. The provider will place the needle right into the biopsy site or through a tiny cut (incision). He or she will remove a sample of tissue or fluid. You may feel pressure when the doctor takes the sample.

  9. Pressure will be applied to the biopsy site until the bleeding stops.

  10. If needed, the opening will be closed with stitches or adhesive strips.

  11. A sterile bandage or dressing will be applied.

  12. The tissues will be sent to the lab for examination.

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