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Women's Imaging

Mother and daughterMammography is critical to catching breast cancer in its earliest—and most treatable—stages.
Many women are reluctant to get mammograms because they are afraid the procedure will be unpleasant. But the unique compression system of our Full-Field Digital Mammogram makes for a faster, more accurate and more comfortable than a conventional film mammogram.
The High Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) allows us see deep inside the breast so we can spot even the smallest abnormality, even before the patient notices any symptoms.

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Touro offers all digital mammograms.
Digital mammography is by far the superior option when it comes to mammograms. Digital mammograms are faster, more comfortable, clearer, uses less radiation and offer computer aided detection that is simply not possible with traditional mammography.

The digital mammography system takes less than half the time of traditional film-based exams, enables radiologists to review images immediately and offers greater detail for suspicious areas. Much like a digital photo, the images can be enhanced, manipulated, and improved by the radiologist, so a digital mammogram can provide more information for diagnosis.

Click here to learn about Touro's ACR accreditation.Breast MRI
Bi-lateral breast MRI is the ‘gold standard’ in breast diagnostic testing. It’s faster because it scans both breasts at the same time, and it’s more accurate thanks to enhanced resolution technology.

Women’s imaging services include:


American College of Radiology accredited facility
FDA / ACR Certified Mammography

Touro's Imaging Center is an FDA certified facility, accredited by American College of Radiology (ACR) for mammography.
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