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Patients & Visitors

Welcome to Touro Infirmary. We realize that hospitals can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when you are ill. Our staff is dedicated to providing you the highest quality medical care available and making your visit with us as comfortable as possible. Whether you are a patient or visitor, we offer many services to assist you, including pastoral care, patient representatives, and access to the Wellness Center. Please use the links at left to find out more about admitting and registration, billingdirections and other services.
The main phone number for Touro is 504-897-7011.

Patient Information

Visitors are encouraged to contact the Patient Information desk to obtain the room number or phone number of their friends or family members who are hospitalized at Touro Infirmary. The Patient Information desk is located in the Foucher Street lobby of the hospital.

The phone number for Patient Information is 504-897-8680. Patient Information is staffed from 8:00 am-4:00 pm Mondays through Fridays.
For your convenience, friends and family of patients may visit the Touro Gift Shop, located on the first floor lobby at 1401 Foucher St. We also offer online card delivery service.

Special Needs

  • Volunteer Services 504-897-8107
    Books and reading materials are provided by Volunteer Services for hospital patients.
  • Acute Case Management 504-897-8408
    Touro’s Acute Case Management team coordinates all aspects of patient services in order to ensure the highest quality of care for each patient. Nurses, social workers and support staff are available to you and your family during your hospital stay.

Touro is committed to protecting your medical information. We create a record of the care and services you receive to use in your care and treatment. For information about your rights and the obligations we have regarding the use and disclosure of your medical information, please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Physician Referral Services

Find a Doctor is a free physician referral services offered by Touro Infirmary. Call 504-897-7777 for a referral to a physician who will meet your medical needs.

Patient Safety

While receiving care at Touro, your safety is our primary concern. Many procedures are in place to protect your well-being and to secure the best medical outcome possible for you.

By working with your health care team, you can help us ensure a safer health care experience for you. Please let us know is something seems unsafe or you see something that we can do better. We welcome your concerns and questions and encourage you to express them to your doctors, nurses and other staff.

Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Medical Errors

    • Medication Tips
    • Recognize your medication. If the medications you are given do not look familiar, speak up and alert your doctor or nurse. Do the same when picking up medication from the pharmacy.
    • Make sure that all of your doctors know about everything you are taking. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines as well as dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbs.
    • Make sure your doctor and your nurse know about any allergies and adverse reactions you have had to medications.
    • When your doctor writes you a prescription, make sure you can read it.
    • Ask for information about your medicines in terms you can understand — both when your medicines are prescribed and when you receive them.

Hospital Stays

    • Know your health care professionals. All Touro employees — doctors, nurses and other staff — wear a photo identification badge while on duty. If you're not sure who someone is or what their role is, please ask.
    • Make sure your caregivers wash their hands if they perform any "hands on" procedures. Evidence is overwhelming that washing your hands is the single most important thing that anyone — including your caregiver — can do to prevent the spread of infection.
    • When you are being discharged from the hospital, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to explain the treatment plan you will use at home.

Other Important Tips

    • If you are having surgery, make sure that you, your doctor and your surgeon all agree clearly on exactly what will be done. Make sure you know who is in charge of your care. This is particularly important when many people are involved in your treatment or when you have many health problems.
    • Speak up if you have questions or concerns. You have the right to know about your care. We encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns with your doctor or any member of your care team.
    • If you can, ask a family member or friend to be there with you and to be your advocate. It is important to have someone who can help get things done and speak up for you if you can't.

Please review our Patient Information booklet to learn more.

If you feel your concern about patient care or safety has not been adequately addressed by Touro, you may contact the Office of Quality Monitoring of the Joint Commission by calling 1-800-994-6610, by using the online complaint form on www.jointcommission.org , or by sending an email to complaint@jointcommission.org  

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