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Back in Action

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services (Back in Action)
1525 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone number: (504) 897-8157
Fax number: (504) 897-7041


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Touro’s Back in Action Center provides comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services to adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients, as well as case management for patients with orthopedic diagnoses, therapeutic wellness and women's health.

Frequently treated diagnoses include:

Clinical services include:

  • Skilled physical therapy and occupational therapy services which include therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, modalities (heat, ice, ultrasound, traction, electrical stimulation, dry needling)
  • Patient/family education, functional training, including activities of daily living, postural and body mechanics training, activity pacing, splinting, assessment of adaptive equipment needs, home/work environment modification, and relaxation training.
  • Therapy of the spine (McKenzie method) with 1 McKenzie certified therapists for mechanical diagnoses.
  • Aquatic therapy: Following an illness, injury, or surgery, a patient’s pain level or inability to bear weight on an injured area may make exercising in water more tolerable than on land. Water supports the body, reduces joint stress, and provides resistance and assistance to movement. Patients can improve mobility, strength, and function during the healing process through an aquatic exercise program. The Back in Action Center has a large heated pool available for patients, including a lift chair for those who cannot easily negotiate the stairs to get into the pool.
  • Lymphedema Treatment Program: This program benefits those who have developed swelling and/or fibrosis (tissue hardening) in upper and/or lower extremities most commonly occurring after surgery or radiation for cancer treatment.

Therapeutic Wellness Program
is a multidisciplinary program, including physical and occupational therapy, which offers preventative treatment targeting chronic conditions, such as pain disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and cancer. This program is short-term with limited sessions. The focus is personalized and may include:

  • - Maintaining or increasing current functional level
  • - Prevention-focused education
  • - Restorative yoga and meditation
  • - Adaptation to disability and lifestyle adjustment
  • - Developing an individualized fitness program that is patient directed

Women’s Health Issues

Physical Therapy is a helpful tool to assist in treating Obstetrics and Gynecological patients with a variety of physical complaints or dysfunctions. Touro’s Back in Action Center is an outpatient orthopedic practice with a specialized team of occupational therapists, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and lymphedema therapists, who are skilled in treating a wide variety of  orthopedic and women’s health patients.

Examples of complaints or diagnoses that can benefit from physical/occupational therapy include:

  • - Sciatica & low back pain
  • - Sacroiliac dysfunction, Pubic symphysis dysfunction, coccyalgia
  • - Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • - Postural dysfunction
  • - Post-partum pain & muscular imbalance
  • - Lymphedema
  • - Pelvic pain

Referral Information
Patients require a prescription or referral from a Louisiana licensed physician, podiatrist, dentist, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant for Touro’s Back in Action Center. Prescriptions and patient information can be faxed to (504) 897-7041 or called into the case manager at (504) 897-8157.

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