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Field of Hope

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive rehab experience for patients, Touro Rehabilitation Center provides the Field of Hope, an outdoor deck located on the 4th floor of the main hospital.

The Field of Hope is 11,000 square feet of outdoor space for patients to utilize and bring their therapy sessions outside the normal hospital environment. The deck includes innovative features such as:

  • Inplay Granule Rubber Surface covering the entire deck
  • A 12’ x 50’ patio cover over a 15’ wide bleacher seating area for therapists and family members to be involved in the therapy session
  • A walking track with three bench seats in the infield
  • A regulation size tennis court and volleyball court
  • A half-court basketball area

A goal for most patients participating in a rehabilitation program at Touro Infirmary is to reintegrate patients back into the community. Touro Rehabilitation Center’s Field of Hope is just one way in which the TRC strives to bridge the patient experience from hospital to home.


Touro Rehabilitation Center’s Field of Hope is a therapeutic area consisting of a track, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts to be used only by TRC staff with their patients.

Others are always welcome to sit outside on either the benches or the bleachers and enjoy the outdoors, as long as the area is open and being used by TRC staff. The Field will be off limits when there is no staff or patients using it.

Absolutely, NO food, smoking or beverages (water is accepted) are allowed in the Field of Hope. The area consists of a special surface made for wheelchair use and easily absorbs any spills. Please help us protect the Field for our patients.

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