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General Rehab Patient Education

TRC’s General Rehabilitation Program offers patients and their family members comprehensive education in the form of family education groups and individual instruction based on a specific patient’s needs. TRC also has support groups for patients and their family members.

For those patients with limb loss*, TRC’s General Rehabilitation Program also provides for or makes arrangements for limb loss education regarding self-management, including, but not limited to, management of secondary complications, skin care, prosthetic options, fit of the prosthesis, accuracy of information received regarding prosthetic issues, peer support (Prosthetic Clinic), family/support system support, prosthetic services, orthotic services, pedorthic services, environmental modification, the provision of durable medical equipment, training in the use of durable medical equipment, psychological services, sexual counseling, specialty consultants, substance abuse counseling and treatment through referral, smoking cessation through referral, as well as strategies that address health and medical conditions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Diabetes management.
  2. Pain management.
  3. Regular preventive:
    • Foot care.
    • Limb care.
  4. Cardiovascular management.
  5. Risk reduction.
  6. Wound care.
  7. Skin care/integrity.
  8. Fitness and exercise promotion.
  9. Nutrition.

* Services may be initiated in the Inpatient Program and followed up on in the outpatient services and the TRC Prosthetic Clinic held the third Friday of each month.

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