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Spinal Cord Injury Admissions

The inpatient services at Touro Rehabilitation Center (TRC) provide acute, intensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation. Inpatient rehabilitation is client-centered service based on identifiable and attainable functional goals. Patients admitted to TRC have to meet the following admission criteria:
  • Sustained significant loss of function as a result of spinal cord injury or dysfunction.
  • Limitation in functional areas such as: mobility/motor, ADL, and bowel/bladder control.
  • Demonstrated rehabilitation potential with expectation for clinical/functional improvement and has identifiable rehabilitation goals
  • Able to follow visual/verbal commands and demonstrates a willingness/ability to actively participate and learn
  • Requires 24 hour nursing availability to assist with daily activities plus three hours per day of therapy (Physical, Speech, Occupational)
  • 16 years of age or older.

Spinal Cord Injury referrals have to be approved prior to admission by a PM&R physician on staff at Touro Rehab Center. Consideration for admission is based on diagnosis, medical condition, rehabilitation goals, funding requirements and anticipated discharge disposition.

For additional information on referring a patient to our spinal cord injury program, please call (504) 897-8565 or email SpinalCordInjuryProgram@touro.com.

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