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Support Groups

Spinal Cord Injury Support Group
The Neuro Rehabilitation Center offers an outpatient spinal cord injury support group the second Thursday of each month, 3:30 pm - 5 pm in the Coliseum Room, 2nd floor. If you would like to join the support group, please call Cortney Russell, Case Manager at (504) 897-8419 or email her at Cortney.Russell@lcmchealth.org for more details.

Neurological Rehab Support Group
The Neuro Rehabilitation Center also offers a brain injury, CVA and stroke support group, which meets the first Tuesday of each month, 3:30 pm in the M6 Conference Room. If you would like more information on this support group, please call Vera DeLuca, Rehab Counselor at (504) 897-8476 or email her at Vera.Deluca@touro.com.

Parkinson’s Disease Support Group
A support group for individuals and families living with Parkinson’s disease. The group meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 3 p.m. – 4 p.m., in Foucher Room, 2nd Floor of Touro. Contact the Neurological Rehab Center at (504)897-8135 for more information or to register.

Peer Mentoring Program
The peer mentoring program is for people with a SCI, BI, CVA or any other neurological injury to share their story with other people in rehabilitation. The goal is to connect people who have been through the recovery process to people currently undergoing rehabilitation to help motivate, share resources and provide a mentor
For more information contact Cortney Russell at Cortney.Russell@lcmchealth.org or (504) 897-8419

Recreation: Brain Injury Spinal Cord Injury Services Baseball League
BISCIS: BISCIS is a baseball league for people with a SCI, Brain Injury or any other neurological diagnosis. During the season the league plays every Thursday night at the Fly in Audubon Park
Contact Linda Brown for more information linda.brown@touro.com.

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