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Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is the treatment program for persons with health problems and disabilities resulting from injury, disease, overuse of muscles or tendons, pain, or loss of a body part. Physical therapy services at the Touro Rehabilitation Center focus on restoring the individual's mobility (movement) and function, and preventing of further disability.

Occupational Therapy 
A specialized occupational therapy program helps those with physical, developmental or emotional disabilities lead a more independent, productive and satisfying life. Touro’s occupational therapists work with patients on certain daily functions such as driving, cooking in their kitchen, getting in and out of bed and even tying their shoes. 

Touro’s physical and occupational therapists are trained to help and heal patients living with a range of conditions including:

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy programs focus on the direct care related to speech, language and swallowing disorders, stuttering disorders, cognitive disorders, the aftermath of a stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Touro’s certified speech pathologists focus their therapy sessions on assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients with communication problems that result from disability, surgery, or developmental disorders. They are also instrumental in preventing disorders related to speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, and fluency. This includes both receptive (understanding speech) and expressive (speaking) communication problems. They also evaluate and treat people with swallowing disorders due to stroke, brain injury, or other nervous system impairments.

Speech/language pathologists often direct care related to the following:

  • Speech, language, and swallowing disorders
  • Speech fluency and stuttering disorders
  • Voice disorders
  • Augmentative communication devices
  • Written language disorders
  • Cognitive (thinking, memory, and learning) disorders

For more information about Touro's Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy programs, call (504) 897-8560 or email 


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