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Fall Prevention

One in three adults age 65 and older falls each year, and the likelihood of falling increases with advancing age.

Falls among older adults can lead to hip fractures, head traumas, and can even increase the risk of early death. Fortunately, falls are a health problem that is largely preventable.

A person can significantly reduce their risk of falling by:

  • Taking care of their health through exercise, medication review and management and regular vision exams
  • Slowing down and taking extra precautions
  • Making small changes to the home

Fall Prevention Education

Touro is dedicated to educating older adults on the importance of fall prevention by providing free community outreach seminars. To learn more about fall prevention education or to register for an upcoming fall prevention seminar, please contact Lillian O’Cain, LOTR, CAPS at (504) 897-7528 or email lillian.ocain@touro.com or contact the Touro Marketing Office at (504) 897-8500.

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