All over the world drawings of rainbows have appeared in business windows, sidewalk chalk art and front doors of homes, as a symbol of hope throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. From every healthcare hero that walks our halls to every patient that gets to go home, hope is all around us. Through hurricanes and global pandemics, Touro remains New Orleans’ hospital for over 167 years. Good health, expert care, New Orleans babies, and hope- it all comes from Touro.

At Touro, we’ve made some changes to our operations to help keep our patients and staff safe, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the heartfelt care provided by our amazing Touro family.

Hope comes from Touro

Hope comes from Touro yard sign

Moments of Hope

At Touro, hope is all around us. For each COVID-19 patient that is discharged we celebrate that moment for the patient and staff, and it brings hope to everyone that we will get through this together.

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Signs of Hope

Going to the hospital during a pandemic can be very stressful for patients, hear first-hand from patients that received care during these trying times and the message of hope they bring to our community.

Hope makers

Cancer, heart disease, surgery- none of that stops, not even for a pandemic. Hear from our physicians how they continue to provide care to their patients in a safe and healing environment.

A new approach

We all know that COVID-19 will remain within our community for quite some time, but with social distancing and infection prevention measures, we can reduce the risk of spread.

Touro has taken innovate steps to continue to care for COVID-19 patients, while safely resuming services for all areas of care in our hospital and outpatient facilities. As you enter our hospital for care, things may look a little different, but everything we do is to care for our patients and community. Here’s what you can expect.

Social Distancing
Keeping Touro Hospitals Clean

How we’re keeping Touro clean

Our patients’ health and safety is our top priority.

See how we're keeping Touro clean.

Spread the hope

The dedication of the Touro family and the unwavering support we receive from our community, has brought joy to this dark time. The smiling faces of our healthcare heroes working the front lines brings hope to everyone. Whether it’s hanging a rainbow in your window or supporting our healthcare workers, join us in spreading the hope.

#SpreadHope #HopeComesFromTouro

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Color a rainbow and #SpreadHope

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Spread the Hope banner
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Hero Spotlight

New mom Trichelle McDaniel was able to hold her baby boy for the first time after her long battle with COVID-19. She was our longest-stay COVID-19 patient and was discharged after 72 days of hospitalization.

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On the front lines of the battle with COVID19, Touro’s Respiratory Therapists are working side-by-side with our team of physicians and nurses, providing their expert input to perform lifesaving procedures every day. We are so proud of the work they are doing.

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Touro’s Infection Prevention team may be small, but they are mighty! They have been working tirelessly to ensure that the risk of #COVID19 infection to patients and staff are minimized through a range of prevention and control processes.

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Meet Touro’s Patient Relations Team. Under the guidance of our Manager of Patient Relations, Gaynell, our group of nurses and staff have come together during this time to make sure we are delivering the best care possible to our patients.

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Touro’s Emergency Department staff members are working tirelessly to care for our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during this crisis. Our ED employees are the first line of defense in the fight against COVID19.

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This group of hardworking individuals make up the Central Supply team that is critical to Touro being able to provide extraordinary care to our patients and community.

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Touro’s Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Melissa Pennebaker works with patients and families to help explain diagnoses and provide support in making plan of care decisions.

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Touro’s Lab team members have been working around the clock and making sure our patients are taken care of. The volume of testing has put an increased load on the staff, but they have remained strong and committed to their patients, and each other.

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