Living Well

Maya's Rehab Journey

Maya Ramos, a graduate of Loyola University and classical pianist, had a very large life-threatening AVM (arteriovenous malformation) in her left occipital lobe(part of the brain) since birth,  which went undetected until January 2018. Over the course of five months, Maya had four procedures to help reduce its size and intensity in preparation for surgical removal. In January 2019, the AVM was removed but Maya was paralyzed on her right side and unable to state her name and make certain movements with her mouth. After four weeks in ICU, Maya moved to Touro Rehab. At this point, Maya was in a wheelchair, unable to walk, with some mobility returning to her right side, but barely able to talk and understand. Maya was nurtured and challenged at Touro for one month and left the facility walking with a four-pronged cane which she no longer needed after 2 weeks at home. Maya and her mom describe Touro as a highly functional, loving family. To learn more about Touro Inpatient Rehab, go to