Positive and Prepared Childbirth

Weekend Class: Saturday & Sunday

The Positive and Prepared Childbirth Class is a weekend class designed to give expectant couples the confidence, knowledge and skills necessary for a safe and satisfying family-centered birth experience. The class offers birth education as well as hands-on practice of relaxation, breathing, and coping techniques for labor and birth. Partners will learn how to best comfort and support a laboring woman and moms will learn to utilize their own unique coping skills.

The classes will cover:

  • Stages of Labor
  • Communicating Birth Preferences
  • Relaxation and Breathing for Labor and Birth
  • Positions for Labor and Birth
  • Partner Participation and Comfort Measures

December 2020 12 and 13

January 23 and 24

March 27 and 28

May 1 and 2

July 10 and 11

September 11 and 12

October 23 and 24

December 11 and 12