Touro Physician Services

Information for our New Orleans physicians

Touro’s Physician Services Department works with our physicians and their staff to ensure an effortless interaction with Touro. We are happy to offer orientation materials on our policies and procedures as well as tutorials on web-based clinical applications.

You should always feel free to contact Touro's Medical Staff Office with any questions or suggestions about day-to-day operational issues or administrative policies.

For further information and offerings from Touro's Medical Staff Office or to speak with one of our physician liaisons, call 504.897.8392 or email us at

Phone Directory

  • Medical Staff Office: 897-8392
  • Medical Records: 897-8370
  • Emergency Department: 897-8250
  • Admitting/Registration/Bed Board: 897-8546
  • Radiology/Cardiology: 897-8380
  • Perioperative Services: 897-8300
  • Touro Outpatient Surgery: 897-8880
  • Pharmacy Services: 897-8286
  • Pathology Services: 897-8524
  • Case Management: 897-8682