Touro Employee Benefits

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Touro Infirmary provides its employees with a comprehensive benefit package that best suits the needs of each individual. As a result, Touro boasts an extremely valuable full-time benefits package that is customized to meet the expectations and needs of each employee. Many of the benefits are available to our part-time employees as well. This is just another way that Touro strives to treat your family as a part of ours.

Read on to learn about the benefits for which you may be eligible.

Health/dental/vision Plan

Touro Infirmary provides its employees with a self-insured plan that participates in the United Healthcare network. As a self-insured plan, our plan is easily adapted to meet our employees’ and their families’ healthcare needs. Our health plans are designed to allow covered individuals to seek treatment at any preferred healthcare provider with special incentives when choosing Touro Infirmary. Additionally, a dental and vision plan enhances the value of our employee benefits plan.

Medical spending account

By participating in this tax-sheltered reimbursement program, employees are able to further reduce their cost of health care for each covered individual. A participating employee may elect for automatic reimbursement of eligible health care expenses, thereby avoiding unnecessary and complicated reimbursement forms.

Dependent care expense account

Helping families meet the cost of child-care expenses, Touro provides employees the ability to participate in the Dependent Care Expense Account. With deductions on a tax-deferred basis, the Dependent Care Expense account allows parents to be reimbursed for childcare expenses and at the same time reduce their amount of taxable income.

Life insurance/AD&D

In addition to other premium benefits, Touro provides Life Insurance with AD&D to its full-time employees at no cost. Each employee covered is qualified to receive a benefit based on the employee’s annual salary. Each employee has the ability of increasing their life insurance coverage by participating in our optional life insurance program.

Long-term/short-term disability

Helping our employees anticipate possible future needs, Touro provides long-term disability insurance to its exempt employees at no cost. The benefit is provided after one year of continuous employment. Our non-exempt employees can also purchase coverage at a reasonable and affordable cost. This ensures that the employee receives a reliable supplemental income in the case of long-term disability. When combined with an optional short-term disability plan, the Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans allow for a greater peace of mind.

Tax-sheltered annuity (403(b))

To help our employees save for their future retirement, Touro has partnered with MetLife in establishing a qualified tax-sheltered annuity 403(b) plan. By participating in this plan, an employee is able to save for future retirement while at the same time reducing the amount of taxable income. In addition to the employee’s contributions, Touro also provides eligible employees with matching funds to be invested however the employee decides. The 403(b) dollar match made to the employee's 403(b) account by Touro Infirmary becomes immediately vested as part of the employee's 403(b) account provided that the employee is actively employed on December 31 of the match year.

Cash balance plan

In bringing extra value to employees' retirement planning, Touro provides a Cash Balance Retirement Plan as a valuable benefit at no cost to employees. The employee becomes fully vested in the plan after three years. As the employee grows in seniority, the benefit the employee gains from the plan grows annually. In addition to the employer contribution, the employee is eligible to receive as much as the interest rate of a five-year bond.

Employee assistance program

All employees and their family members are eligible for Touro’s Employee Assistance Program, which offers counseling and guidance for personal or work-related issues. The EAP can provide services in myriad contexts including counseling for marriage, substance abuse, and financial advice/counseling, to name a few.

Contact human resources

While this is a highlight of benefits available to part-time and full-time employees, many additional benefits are offered to a variety of employee groups. To inquire about any additional benefits that may be offered for your employment interests, please contact Human Resources at 504.897.8340 or 504.897.8440.