The Touro Infirmary Foundation

30th anniversary

Have you ever believed in something? Believed so fiercely in its success that you would put your time, energy and money towards it to see it succeed? Of course, you have. 32 years ago, 199 individuals, families and businesses did that same thing – they believed in us and they helped create what we know today as the Judah Touro Society, a giving society that has helped sustain the incredible work of Touro.

Where does the time go? A lot has changed at Touro since 1987. We’ve lost a few good folks along the way and picked up some new ones. We’ve seen a devastating hurricane and the formation of a healthcare system. Sometimes it’s hard when things change, but what has not and will never change is the Foundation’s commitment to its donors to support those who need it most, our patients.

The sign on the wall may be different, but the mission remains the same.

As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Judah Touro Society Award and our upcoming 30th Anniversary of the Touro Infirmary Foundation, we ask you to believe in us. Believe so fiercely in this new healthcare system and how Touro contributes to it, believe in the folks delivering the most compassionate healthcare, and believe that we still want what is best for those that need it most, our patients.

So, we invite you to give today, to one of the three areas that encompasses our 30th Anniversary celebrations: the 2019 Gala initiative – establishing an endowment for the Touro Rehabilitation Center, our True Reflections Campaign – our $3 million dollar campaign to upgrade our hospital so it truly reflections the superior care that our community receives, or our area of greatest need – charity care support.

Show your support and donate today!