Memorial Clinics Scholarship Program

Memorial Clinics Scholarship Program at Touro

Through the generous support of Memorial Clinics, the Touro Infirmary Foundation is able to offer a scholarship program for families who utilize childcare. Currently, 24 scholarships are available. Those who qualify and are selected for the scholarship program will receive funding assistance up to $2,400 for a calendar year. Scholarship funding is paid monthly at a rate of $200 per month. Scholarships must be applied for annually. Scholarships are need-based. Scholarships that are funded will be paid directly to the childcare facility. Scholarship funding is never paid directly to an individual.

Eligibility for Scholarship Funding

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • You, the applicant, must be a full-time Touro, employed for a minimum of six months with satisfactory rating and are not counseled for a disciplinary corrective action.
  • Your child must be currently enrolled at a childcare facility registered with the state of Louisiana.
  • You may apply for a scholarship for up to two children who live in your household, ages 9 weeks (infant care) old to children up to Pre-K4.
  • Scholarship awards are split 70/30 with 70% of available scholarships awarded to nurses and nursing techs, and 30% awarded to non-nursing roles. (Physicians, Directors, Hospital Administrators, and Managers are not eligible to apply).
  • Applications are completed in full including all relevant, requested information.
  • Scholarships are need based and based on a threshold annual combined household income of $72,000 or less. Please note that financial documents and a personal statement will be required as part of your application process. The personal statement should include details such how this scholarship will help you and your family and why. Including items such as do you have student loan debt and how much, or if there are there any social circumstances to be aware of would be beneficial in your personal statement.

Application Process

Scholarship Applications are open annually beginning in November with award notifications going out in January. Applications will be available online.

Selection Process

The selection committee is comprised of a combination of Foundation Board members and donors who make the scholarships possible. Blinded applications are presented for selection to the committee. No names are shared of either the parents or the child to ensure the selection process is as fair as possible and based on need. Scholarships are available annually as funding is available.

Notification Process

All applicants will be notified of their final decision status. All awarded scholarships are paid out on a monthly basis. Should you leave or be terminated from Touro, there will be an immediate cease of funding as this program is to assist and benefit Touro employees.

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The purpose of this form is to aid the scholarship selection committee in determining financial assistance for the Memorial Clinics Scholarship Program at Touro.

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