The Touro Infirmary Foundation

Donor Honor Roll

Gifts to Touro Infirmary and Woldenberg Village

Tribute Donors

Thank you for your tremendous support!

Community Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Adler

Ms. Christine Y. Albert
Albert & Rea Hendler Charitable Remainder Trust UAD
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Alltmont
Ms. Susan E. Andrews

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Aramark Management Services, L.P.

Mr. Ralph M. Baker
Barrasso Usdin Kupperman Freeman & Sarver L.L.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barron
Ms. Sarah Bates
Ms. Jaymi Baum
Dr. and Mrs. Neil H. Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Beahm

Ms. Marilyn Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Benjamin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Benjamin III
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Berenson
Mrs. Michael A. Berenson
Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Bissinger
Ms. Marjorie Bissinger

Dr. and Mrs. Marcus L. Black
Ms. Lucile Bodenheimer and Mr. Jim Holiday
Ms. Elise Bodenheimer
Ms. Jane B. Bories
Ms. Kristen Bossi
Bradley Murchison, Kelly & Shea, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Braun
Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Brinkley
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brouk
Ms. Alexis Broussard
Ms. Penny R. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Aden A. Burka
Ms. Katherine Burke
Dr. and Mrs. Salvador Caputto
Caraway LeBlanc, LLC
Carriere-Stumm, LLC.
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Cary, Jr.
Dr. Joan Cheng

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Christiansen
Clement Building Company
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Coco
Dr. and Mrs. Isidore Cohn, Jr. Supporting Foundation
Computershare, Inc.
Curry & Friend, PLC
Custom Cabinet Specialties
Dr. Eduard Danilyants and Mrs. Alexandra Shikhris
David I. Oreck Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Davis
Mr. Ogden S. Deaton
Ms. Hannah Dietsch and Mr. Michael Balascio
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Delk
Dr. Nina Dhurandhar
DKI Office Solutions
Donne Toomey Interiors
Dr. and Mrs. J. Ollie Edmunds, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Elgarico
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Epstein, Jr.
Dr. Viviana C. Falco
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Faust

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Favret
Feet First, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Feirn
Fernandez & Johnson Architecture

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Ferriss
Dr. Sander S. Florman
Professor Robert Force
Mr. J. David Forsyth
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Freeman III
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua W. Frenkel
Frilot L.L.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fullan
Challis W. Gamble
Ms. Margot Garon
Ms. Patricia Gauthier
Ms. Katherine Gay
Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. Gershanik
Ms. Dorothy Giusti
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Glaser
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Glaser
Peter L. Glaser, D.D.S.

Dr. Shira Glazer and Mr. Matthew Rosenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Dov Glazer
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Glynn
Goldring Family Foundation

Rabbi and Mrs. David Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldware
Mr. and Mrs. Julian H. Good, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. Good III
Mrs. Louis K. Good, Jr.
Mrs. Charlotte S. Gottesman

Holly MacKenna Graffagnini
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Guevara
Ms. Suzanne Haggard

Ms. Madeline H. Haikala
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Hales
Mrs. Maurice Handelman

Ms. Betsy H. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Harris
Mr. Edwin Harron
Harry T. Howard III Foundation
Mr. Matthew Hart
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haspel
Tracy Hayden
Helen Weil Young Memorial Fund
Ms. Sandra P. Heller

Ms. Lisa G. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Maury A. Herman
Ms. Lissa Hirsch and Mr. Tibby Blum
Mrs. S. Herbert Hirsch
Dr. Jack A. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. A. Whitfield Huguley, IV
Dr. and Mrs. Harris Hyman III
IMC Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Israel
J. Aron & Company, Inc.
J. P. Morgan Chase Bank

Ms. Lowry R. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Jack J. Jacob
Mrs. Marvin L. Jacobs

JCT Construction Company Inc.
Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation
Jewish Endowment Foundation of New Orleans
Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans
Mr. and Mrs. Foster M. Johns III
Ms. Carla Johnson
Mr. John-Michael Johnson
Vernilyn N. Juan, M.D.
Mrs. Charles N. Kahn, Jr.
Ms. Beverly S. Katz
Keller Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Herman S. Kohlmeyer, Jr.
Ms. Betty Kohn
Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn F. Kossover

Mr. and Mrs. Stew Krane
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Krane
Ms. Marilyn Kullman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Kullman
Dr. Nancy Kupperman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Kupperman
Ms. Megan Kushner
Landis Construction Co., LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Landry
LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors
LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors
Mr. John G. Larussa
Laurel Communications
Dr. and Mrs. Barry J. Leader
Mr. Ed LeBreton

Christopher J. Lege, M.D.
Ms. Emile LeJeune
Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Lengsfield
Ms. Vera Lester
Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Julius L. Levy, Jr.
Dr. Edward D. Levy, Jr.

Ms. Chana Lewis
Dr. Hugh Long and Ms. Susan Krinsky
Louis P. duTreil, M.D.
Mrs. Anne P. Lowenburg

Mr. Tung Ly
Mrs. Walter F. Marcus, Jr.
Ms. Zhandra Marin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Ms. Peggy B. McDuffie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre
Ms. Janet R. McKnight
Medline Industries, Inc.
Memorial Clinics, Inc.

Ms. Suzanne T. Mestayer
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mimeles
Mom 365
Ms. Susie Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moses
Mr. Scott Mouledous
Mr. and Mrs. Larissa Muetzel
Mrs. Morris W. Newman
Dr. and Mrs. Thanh M. Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Norman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Novasel
O'Brien Flooring, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Occhipinti
Parish Anesthesia
Parkside Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pasternack, Jr.
Mr. Jean-Marc Pellerin
Ms. Gretchen Penton
Dr. and Mrs. Heitor G. Perdigao
Dr. and Mrs. Keith M. Perrin
Plaid, Inc.
Ms. Evelyn F. Prejean, R.N.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Pulitzer
Mr. Majid Ramezanzadeh
Ms. Anisha Ravichandran
Regional Radiology
Ms. Elizabeth A. Riviere
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Robinson
Dr. Eduardo E. Rodriguez
Roll It Good Holdings, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky M. Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Rosenblum
Mrs. J. W. Rosenthal

Mr. Blair Rothstein
Mr. Steven Rothstein
RxBenefits, Inc.
Ms. LaNasha Sanders
Ms. Janet Schinderman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schornstein, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schwartz
Milton W. Seiler, Jr., M.D.
Ms. Jessica Serrano and Mr. Christopher Short
ServiceMaster Recovery Management
Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Shames

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shepard
Sherman Charitable Trust
Ms. Alicia M. Silverman
Mr. Curry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith III
Drs. Scott and Zoe Sonnier
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Sontheimer
Dr. and Mrs. William St. John La Corte

Ms. Joy L. Stahl
Stanley W. Ray, Jr. Philanthropic & Civic Trust
Ms. Anna Steele
Sterling Electric, Inc.
Ms. Jon B. Strauss

Ms. Danita Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Swartz
Mr. Benjamin Swig
The Helis Foundation
The Law Office of Lisa Pretus Ebarb
The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation
The Sulzer Group LLC

Ms. Mary T. Thomas
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Timm

TMJ Concepts
Touro Infirmary Medical Staff
United Spinal Association
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Vitter
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wack
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Waggoner
Ms. Melanie Waitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walsh
Ms. Erica Washington
Ms. Lila Weber
Ms. Joel W. Weinstock
Westport Linen Services
Mr. John Christian Weydert
Ms. Nicole Wheeler
Mr. Christopher G. White
Ms. Carol B. Wise
Ms. Janet Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wolf
Ms. Frances S. Wolff

Ms. Wilma Wyngaart
Mr. Stephen Yancovich
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Yellin
Mr. Daniel H. Yeoman Estate
Dr. and Mrs. Royce D. Yount, Jr.
Dr. Ellen L. Zakris

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Zander
Ms. Mary Zervigon
Dr. Jack S. Zoller and Ms. Helen H. Wisdom

2017 Employee Campaign Donors
Mr. Kevin Adams
Ms. Sabrina Amacker
Mr. David Anderson
Ms. Jessica Bacchus
Ms. Kelley Ballmann
Ms. Stefanie Basinger
Ms. Emma Bastain
Ms. Leola Bates
Mr. Lonzie Beamon, Jr.
Ms. Melissa N. Beaulieu
Ms. Edwina A. Beco
Ms. Kimberly Bonaventure
Ms. Stephanie Borne
Ms. Christine B. Bourgeois
Ms. Catherine Bourgeouis
Ms. Erin Bourque
Ms. Paris Branch
Ms. April Bretz
Ms. Linda Brown
Ms. Jill Buhler
Ms. Robert Burger
Ms. Deborah A. Burns
Ms. Valerie P. Burton
Ms. Timira Campbell
Ms. Carmen Carmouche
Ms. Diana Carter
Ms. Marisa Carter
Ms. Suzanne Champagne
Ms. Brent M. Chauvin
Ms. Denise Chetta
Ms. Janet Clark
Ms. Richard Contreras
Ms. Lynette Cousin-Nasthas
Ms. Stacey Daigle
Ms. Rebecca Davis
Ms. Tanya Price Davis
Ms. Angela Dorsey
Mr. Anthony Dowell
Ms. Michelle Dufour
Mr. Jeffery Engel
Ms. Denice Eshleman
Mr. Phillip Ethridge
Merlyn Foster
Ms. Cheryl Franz
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Friedmann
Mr. Donald Gaspard
Ms. Nadine B. Gaubert
Ms. Stephanie Gioe
Ms. Sydney A. Gonsoulin
Ms. JoAnn Govier
Ms. Susan Grieshaber
Ms. Lynette Hamilton
Mr. Lee B. Hankins
Mr. David L. Heikamp
Ms. Maureen Herring
Ms. Amber Hill
Ms. Suzanne Hoffpauir
Ms. Barbara W. Hughes
Ms. Cynthia James
Ms. Anna John
Ms. Julie Johnson
Mr. Teddy Johnson
Mr. Melvin Johnson
Ms. Eva Johnwell
Ms. Janice Jones
Ms. Nicole Juno-Webb
Mr. Morris Keyseear
Ms. Gillian Knowles
Ms. Janice Korman
Ms. Beth P. Landry
Ms. Dianna Lauve
Ms. Sandra S. LeBlanc
Ms. Lynne M. Lee
Elender Lee
Ms. Lauren Leveque
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Lewis
Ms. Renee Lirette
Mr. Gregory L. Magnus
Ms. Susan Martin
Ms. Mary N. Mata
Ms. Jessi Maurin
Ms. Sandra McCall
Mr. Ronnie L. Meeks
Mr. Michael J. Melancon
Ms. Angela Mercadel
Ms. Kathryn Merritt
Mr. Lawrence Metevier
Mr. Terry Meyer
Mr. Reginald Moses
Ms. Jeanne Mull
Ms. Gaynell Muller
Ms. Pamela W. Murphy
Ms. Janine Nguyen
Ms. Judith K. Otto
Ms. Edna H. Palazzo
Mr. Yancy Patrick
Ms. Joan M. Patterson
Ms. Ann Petkovich
Mr. Jimmie L. Pierre
Ms. Ingrid Pierre
Ms. Jennie M. Pinac
Ms. Susan Pitoscia
Ms. Peggy Prechter
Ms. Madison Price
Ms. Marie C. Prudhomme
Ms. Larissa M. Rachel
Ms. Gina Reeks
Mr. Robert Remy
Ms. Tanya M. Robinson
Ms. Ivy Rouzan
Mr. Alfred Scheeler
Mr. Richard D. Schmidt
Ms. Carrie Schmitt
Mr. Frederick L. Schmitt
Pat Schulin
Ms. Rita Shallerton
Ms. Martha Sharp
Mr. Eric Silbernagel
Ms. Marie P. Smith
Mr. Michael P.
Ms. Jane Swaffield
Ms. Kerry Sylve
Ms. Esther Tapps
Dannell Tassin
Ms. Malissia Tate
Ms. Brenda Taylor
Ms. Nikeitha Theyard
Ms. Lyketta Thompson
Mr. Daniel Tobin
Thuc Tran
Mr. Kenneth Ussin
Ms. Laura Vickery
Mr. Gregorie E. Walden
Mr. James Wallace
Ms. Stella Wright

*Donors in BOLD denote membership in the Judah Touro Society

We have made every effort to accurately recognize all of our donors. We sincerely apologize if your name was listed incorrectly or inadvertently omitted. Please call the Foundation office at 504.897.8435 for corrections.