The Touro Infirmary Foundation

Touro Infirmary Foundation Mini Grants Program


Annually, proceeds from the Touro Infirmary Foundation Employee Giving Campaign directed toward the mini-grant program will be available for applicants to receive funding for initiatives they deem reasonable for the betterment of Touro, its patients and the community.

Grant Guidelines

Who can apply:

  • Touro Medical staff member

  • Touro employees
  • Touro volunteers

The Mini Grants Fund funds may be used for:

  • Touro program support / creation
  • Touro service support
  • Touro equipment
  • Educational activities for Touro patients & families
  • Educational activities for Touro staff
  • Touro patient quality and safety activities
  • Staff morale activities

*Conference tuition is applicable, travel expenses cannot be covered with grant funds

Touro Mini Grant funds may not be used for:

  • Research
  • Personnel (staffing, hiring)
  • Travel expenses
  • Marketing
  • Patient financial support
  • Non Touro related needs

The maximum amount of an individual grant must not exceed $5,000. Requests for more than $5,000 will be required to complete a differnet application.

Applications for Touro Mini Grants are reviewed twice annually by the Touro Foundation Board, Peer Review and Allocations Committee and Touro Administration.

Applications must be reviewed and signed off by the applicant’s supervisor prior to submission to the Touro Advisory Board. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must be received by the dates below to be considered within the corresponding funding cycle.

Apply Now

Deadline: Monday, January 13; Monday, July 20

Review Period: Monday, January 13 – Monday, February 3; Monday, July 20 – Friday, August 14

Announcement of Grants Awarded: Monday, February 3; Monday, August 17