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Quality cancer treatment options at Touro

Beginning cancer treatment can be confusing and requires collaborative efforts between you and your doctor. At Touro, we believe in educating patients and providing you with the tools and resources needed to help make informed decisions about treatment. Once you have discussed your options with your doctor, you will play an integral role in your own treatment, which will help you feel empowered and comfortable moving forward.

Before beginning treatment, you should:

  • Decide how much you want to know. Some patients like to know all the details of their treatment and their chances of survival. Others prefer not to know much at all about their treatment. Think about what makes you feel most comfortable and tell your doctor before beginning treatment.
  • Decide who will make decisions about your treatment. Some patients prefer to let their doctors make all the decisions, while others like doing their own researching and making decisions for themselves. Think about how you will balance decision making when it comes to your treatment.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. Every kind of cancer treatment comes with certain side effects and benefits. Be honest with yourself about what you are willing to go through and what will or won’t make you comfortable.
  • Make your own decisions. Don’t feel pressured to choose a certain treatment option. Go with what makes you feel most content and comfortable.
  • Be willing to accept help. During your journey, you will want support and assistance. Do not be afraid to accept help from doctors, friends, and family members.

Setting treatment goals

At Touro, we advise patients to make and set realistic goals for their cancer treatment. Take the type and stage of your cancer into consideration when setting these goals.

If you were recently diagnosed, your goal might be a cure. Patients at later stages of cancer or those who have already undergone unsuccessful treatments may set their sights on simply controlling the cancer. If you are at an advanced stage of cancer – especially a stage that has not responded to treatments – your goal may be comfort. Your goals will influence your decisions when choosing a treatment option.

Effective patient-doctor communication

At Touro, we believe in the value of open and honest communication between doctors and patients. It is important that you feel comfortable speaking up and asking questions around your doctor – this will ensure that you have all the information you need to make educated decisions.

If your doctor ever tells you something that you do not understand, do not be afraid to ask for clarification. It is also helpful to brainstorm and write down any questions you have in advance. During a stressful or emotional appointment, you may forgot some of the pressing questions you had earlier. Finally, keep a good written record of the treatment you undergo and the information your doctor tells you. Having a friend or family member with you at appointments is another way to ensure that no information is lost.