The Family Birthing Center at Touro

Babies come from Touro.

Lactation Center

Touro offers a full-service retail store where families can purchase products specifically for breastfeeding needs. The store is conveniently located on the second floor of the hospital near the Family Birthing Center.

During your hospital stay, our lactation consultants are available 7 days a week during your hospital stay to help with breastfeeding questions or challenges that require skilled lactation support.

The Lactation Center is open for outpatients 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday, by appointment only to provide breastfeeding support and assistance.

The Center also offers bra fittings by appointments free of charge and sells breastfeeding products and pump pieces.

Touro Lactation Center
2nd Floor, Main Hospital

For more information, to speak with a lactation consultant or schedule an appointment, please call 504.897.8130. Calls are responded to within one business day or less.

Centrally located in the Uptown area of New Orleans, the center provides moms with a convenient and friendly place to purchase breastfeeding supplies, including:


There are three types of breastpumps available for sale or rental in the Touro Lactation Center: hospital-grade electric, personal-use electric and manual.

  1. Hospital-Grade Double Electric Pump for rent: This pump is designed to help build and maintain mom’s milk supply. These pumps are generally recommended for women who have difficulty nursing because of medical reasons, such as mothers of low birth weight, premature infants who may have trouble latching on to the breast. Touro's breastpump rental station carries the Symphony pumps from Medela.

  2. Personal-Use Electric for sale: Personal-use electric pumps are often faster and more effective at removing breast milk than manual pumps. A double electric pump can cut pumping time by emptying both breasts simultaneously. They are ideal for working moms who pump throughout the day to maintain their milk supply. These pumps are easy to carry to the office and come with all the necessary attachments, including removable cooler carrier and cooling element, battery pack, AC adapter and collection containers, lids and stands. Our single electric pumps can best be used daily or occasionally. We offer the Swing breastpumps by Medela.

  3. Manual Pumps for sale: Manual pumps are small, lightweight and easily portable. They are a good fit for stay-at-home moms who will only miss feedings occasionally. It includes a breast shield, containers, lids and a bottle stand. Touro carries the Medela Harmony breastpump.