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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Special Delivery: Touro NICU

NICU nurse holding a babyTouro’s Level III NICU is 11,000 square feet of space for our tiniest and most fragile babies, parents and nursing staff located on the 2nd floor of the main hospital.

The NICU provides infants with the best possible nursing care, including the latest respiratory support equipment and dedicated lactation services. The NICU is in close proximity to Labor and Delivery, as well as the operating rooms.

Separate medication and feeding prep areas with Medela breast milk warmers allow for consistent and safe breast milk storage and use.

The NICU is equipped with five open bay rooms, and 21 private and semi-private rooms to allow for care of 24 babies. It also has six Giraffe Omni beds which are convertible as a radiant heat warmer and an isolette.

NICU RoomThe private rooms aid in the progress of babies’ health and eliminate stimulation from noise. The private rooms are also designed with mom and dad in mind, equipped with a family area so parents can always be by their baby’s side. Each room also has a specialty recliner for comfort and kangaroo care.

There are also two transition to discharge rooms used for the parents on the baby’s last day in the hospital. The rooms ensure that parents are well-equipped to care for their new special bundle of joy.

For resources and more information about caring for your baby that may have come a little too soon, visit our partners at the March of Dimes.

Our providers

Our services are provided by the LSU Health New Orleans neonatal physicians.

  • Brian M. Barkemeyer, MD | Neonatology
  • Julie B. Gallois, MD | Neonatology
  • Raegan W. Gupta, MD | Neonatology
  • Michelle C. Knecht, MD | Neonatology
  • Christy G. Mumphrey, MD | Neonatology
  • Staci M. Olister, MD | Neonatology
  • Jessica L. Patrick-Esteve, MD | Neonatology
  • Dana L. Rivera, MD | Neonatology
  • Jeffrey W. Surcouf, MD | Neonatology