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Tests and Immunizations

Smiling doctor performing an ultrasound on a smiling pregnant woman's stomachThe vast majority of women have healthy pregnancies and their babies are born without difficulties. However, women with high-risk pregnancies often need a close watch for potential problems or complications.

Fortunately, there are many tests and procedures to monitor the health of both mother and baby. Many of these pose little or no risk and can provide tremendous amounts of information to doctors, midwives, and expectant parents.

Some types of testing and procedures, however, do carry some risks to mother, baby, or both. For this reason, if you are offered prenatal testing, it is important to discuss with your doctor or midwife the following questions:

  • Why is the test needed for your pregnancy?
  • What information will the test provide?
  • What are the benefits of the test?
  • What are the risks, if any, to you and to your baby?
  • What other tests might be used instead?
  • Who will perform the test?
  • Where will it be done?
  • How long does it take to get results?
  • Will the test results require additional testing?
  • What are your options based on the outcome of the test?
  • What are your options if you choose to not have the test?

Maternal fetal medicine clinic

Some mothers are more likely to need a closer watch on their pregnancy. Some conditions that may warrant maternal and fetal testing include the following:

  • Pre-existing maternal diseases (for example, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease)
  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormal amniotic fluid amounts
  • Abnormal fetal growth
  • Multiple pregnancy (twins or more)
  • Post-term pregnancy

At the Family Birthing Center, we offer a perinatology clinic to treat patients with high-risk pregnancies. Perinatology services include

  • Amniocentesis
  • genetic counseling
  • 3-D and high-imaging ultrasounds
  • non-stress testing
  • in utero blood transfusions

Touro Infirmary’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic is the first practice in New Orleans to be awarded Ultrasound Practice Accreditation by The Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Council of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine in the areas of Obstetric - First Trimester, Obstetric - Second Trimester, and Obstetric - Third Trimester.

>> Click here to learn more about AIUM Accreditation. AIUM

Our doctors

Our physician services are provided by LSU Health physicians on staff at Touro at Maternal Fetal Medicine.

  • Ann Chau, M.D. | Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Asha J. Heard, M.D. | Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Robert T. Maupin, M.D. | Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Joseph M. Miller, M.D. | Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Irene Stafford, M.D. | Maternal Fetal Medicine

We also have two full-time certified Ultrasound Technologists and provide full nursing support for clinical care coordination.

For more information about our Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic or to make an appointment, please call 504.897.8213 or CLICK HERE to download a brochure.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic
Buckman Building, Suite 105
3434 Prytania St.
Touro Infirmary
(across the street from Touro’s Emergency Department)