Touro Rehabilitation Center

Touro Neuro Rehabilitation Center in New Orleans

Treating patients with neurological injury & illness

The Neuro Rehabilitation Center at Touro specializes in the treatment of patients with brain injury, strokes, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological injury or illness using a community integrative approach. The Neuro Rehabilitation Center team focuses on returning the patient to the highest level of function possible while emphasizing strengths and accommodating unique needs. We offer a wide range of services, programs, and care.Female patient laughs while holding nurse's hand

Therapeutic recreation

The certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist works on community reintegration by teaching patients how to use community resources and allowing them to practice navigating common leisure sites (i.e. restaurants, movie theaters, etc.). The therapist utilizes a wide range of techniques, strategies, and activities to create a smooth transition back into the community following a serious injury or condition.

Neuropsychological services

Our neuropsychologists can provide neuropsychological evaluations, neurological cognitive therapy, or psychotherapy. These services can be valuable for neurological rehabilitation patients in facilitating awareness, assisting in adjustment to the changes caused by disability, and easing integration into the community.

Comprehensive day program

Patients in the comprehensive day program receive give to seven hours of structured treatment daily. Typically a patient in the intensive day program will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, therapeutic recreation, and neuropsychological services.

This program is open Monday through Friday. To qualify for this program, the patient must possess the endurance to complete 5-7 hours of therapy per day, must be continent for bowel and bladder, have no significant behavioral problems, and have no significant medical or wound care needs. This is an outpatient program and does not include nursing services.

For more information about the Neuro Rehabilitation Center or to make a referral, please email or call 504.897.8135.