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Limb Loss Rehabilitation in New Orleans

The support you need following limb loss

Losing a limb is a major life event. Whether loss was traumatic, due to cancer, or the result of complications of peripheral artery disease, infection, or diabetes, the Limb Loss Program at Touro provides patients with the information, resources, and support needed to adapt to life without a limb. Touro Rehabilitation Center’s Limb Loss program offers several opportunities for patients to learn and improve their condition and quality of life.

Each person's recovery after limb loss is unique. Education regarding limb loss rehab should start as soon as possible. Resources are even available for patients to consider prior to an amputation. Prompt initiation of rehab after an amputation gives the person the best chance to recover skills and abilities, reduce the chance for developing bad habits, and preserve the sound limb.

2019 Limb Loss Program Calendar


Support Group

Touro Rehabilitation Center works with a support group called ATLAS. ATLAS stands for Amputees Together Learning And Supporting. Participants range from those with new amputations to those who have been successful several years following their amputation. Family and support persons are also encouraged to attend. In addition to its monthly meetings, the group plans social events throughout the year and keeps up with community events through its social media page.

Prosthetic clinic

Touro Rehabilitation Center hosts a prosthetic clinic on the third Friday of each month, beginning at 1:00pm. This service is offered on an outpatient basis. Whether you are ready to get sized for your first prosthetic, need to find information about specialty shoes or orthotics, or if you have been using a prosthetic for years and have questions or concerns, you can find what you are looking for at our clinic. A PM&R physician, physical therapist, and orthotists/prosthetists from several local companies attend each month and provide consultation for patients. If you are interested in participating in all or part of Limb Loss Week, please e-mail the program at

Nutrition class

Once each month at 12 noon, a nutrition class is led by a registered dietitian. This class reviews the relationship between diet, weight loss, and cardiovascular disease. Nutritional education specific to improving blood glucose, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are covered. Participants are encouraged to ask questions or voice concerns regarding nutritional topics. To participate in Nutrition class please contact Liz Cabrera at

Limb loss manual

All patients in the Limb Loss Program receive an education manual which details all topics covered during Limb Loss Week. Additionally, the manual contains a resource section whether you are looking for specialty sports and adventure opportunities, have general questions about limb loss, or are interested in magazines geared specifically towards people with limb loss.


Touro’s inpatient rehab therapists have been trained to identify and treat specialized needs of patients with limb loss. Touro’s Limb Loss Program offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and recreational therapy. Additionally, treatment plans are customized for each patient to meet their unique goals.

Patients receive training that allows them to regain independence in all areas of their lives including:

  • Mobility (ambulation, wheelchair use)
  • Transfer skills
  • Activities of daily life, such as dressing, toileting, showering, grooming, cooking, etc.
  • Community reintegration
  • Recreation

Amputee coalition partnership

Touro Infirmary has partnered with the Amputee Coalition to provide additional resources to its patients. This includes peer visitation and mentorship by Amputee Coalition trained Certified Peer Visitors(CPVs), which is available face to face, by phone, or e-mail.