Touro Building

New Orleans Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation Program

Helping you maintain independence through driving

Driving is an activity of daily life that can be a key to independence for people with disabilities. Our program provides evaluation and training to help people achieve that goal with instruction and behind-the-wheel experience.

Touro’s Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Program is a Louisiana Rehabilitation Services-approved program. Our specially trained occupational therapist offers clients a clinical screening, an in-car evaluation, and driver's training. Recommendations regarding client performance, future needs, adaptive equipment (if needed), suggested therapy, or activities that may be useful are prepared for the client and the referring physician.

The clinical screening, which takes about two hours, examines:

  • Vision
  • Motor skills
  • Perception
  • Cognition
  • Judgment
  • Knowledge of driving

The program then provides an in-car evaluation of driving performance when indicated by good clinical performance, driving history, or other factors. This portion usually takes up to two hours.

Driver's training and instruction is also provided in the use of certain assistive devices for driving such as hand controls, left side accelerators, and steering devices. The training typically takes six to eight hours and is divided into two or three sessions.

Client criteria

Clients include individuals with physical, cognitive, or mental disabilities and should be free of medical conditions that would make them unsafe to drive (i.e., seizure-free for six months or longer). They should also be able to transfer into our specially adapted vehicle and sit behind the wheel of the car to participate in this program. Finally, clients must have had a valid Louisiana driver's license.