Survivor Stories

Dorothy's Cancer Journey

“ I was healed one time and I will be healed again. ”


I was at Charity Hospital when I diagnosed in 2001 with a rare breast cancer and I have been coming in and out of the chemo room for a long time. I had to remove my breast in 2001 and never had reconstruction surgery. In 2010 my cancer came back in the breast wall. I started developing lymphedema when my arms kept swelling and getting bigger and bigger. Right now, I come here to Touro every three weeks to do my chemo and once a week I come and do my physical therapy. I’ve been off and on doing lymphedema treatment because the swelling in my arm goes down then comes back again. Right now, my arm is better since I’ve been coming to treatment. I used to not be able to raise my arm up because it was so stiff and heavy. The treatment is definitely helping.

This program has meant a lot to me. Everyone here is so friendly. They wrap me and give me special treatment. I feel like a celebrity. Everyone here is so amazing and I just love them all. We are all a family here.

It’s been 18 years battling this cancer. I have a fighting chance and I know I am a survivor, and I am more and more enthusiastic that everything will be alright. I was healed one time and I will be healed again.

I am more than a survivor; I am very special.