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When Your Physician Becomes Family

“ She has helped me throughout life’s ups and downs. I can talk to her about everything. Anything that is going on with me, she lets me know. I love Dr. Maxwell! ”


First Seizure at Six Months Old

Born and raised in New Orleans, Enola Perkins was six months old when she had her first seizure. Then her family was told it was the result of an extremely high fever and it appeared to be an isolated event. Later in high school, Enola experienced another seizure, and it also happened to be her mother’s 50 birthday. 

“I remember walking down the stairs to tell my mom ‘happy birthday,' and I had a seizure,” Enola said.

This seizure caused a chain reaction of other seizures, and Enola was then diagnosed with epileptic seizures. These types of seizures occur when the brain has a burst of abnormal electrical signals over a brief period of time and can cause the body and brain to react in certain ways. 

“I have a seizure whenever I am stressed or tired,” she said.

Finding her Primary Care Doctor

In 2011, Enola became a patient of Dr. Meredith Maxwell, a Family Medicine Physician with Touro’s Crescent City Physicians

“My family works at Touro, and she was recommended to me,” Enola said.

Later that year, Enola suffered a massive seizure and was hospitalized. While in the hospital, Dr. Maxwell visited Enola and expressed the importance of safety and putting her health first. Enola has two children, a twelve-year-old son named Jalen and a 23-year-old daughter named Tristan. 

“I was with kids when I had my seizure,” Enola said. After speaking to Dr. Maxwell, Enola decided to retire from her career at Harrah’s Casino to focus fully on her health and family.

When Your Physician Becomes Family

Today, Enola thinks of Dr. Maxwell as a sister. 

“I Iove her! Dr. Maxwell is so nice and down-to-earth,” Enola said. "She has become part of our family, and I tell her everything."

Enola said Dr. Maxwell as helped her manage stress, which is a trigger for her epileptic seizures. Dr. Maxwell also helped explain the importance of diet and eating right to help Enola combat the seizures. 

"I love her honesty as a physician," Enola said. "I told my fiancé that my doctor will be at our wedding. I even introduced Dr. Maxwell to my fiancé for her approval!"

Enola's daughter Tristan and her Aunt Shirley have also become patients of Dr. Maxwell. When Enola was recovering in the hospital, Tristan met Dr. Maxwell and she said they quickly fell in love with her service. Enola and her family said they most appreciate Dr. Maxwell's personalized care for each of them. 

“She has helped me throughout life’s ups and downs. I can talk to her about everything. Anything that is going on with me, she lets me know,” says Enola. “I love Dr. Maxwell!”